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    What are you eating right now?

    If we're talkin' munchies, Hawkins cheezies. My boss got me hooked on them.
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    Some of my photos

    DurkaDurka, Wow.. Truly awesome pictures. I love the bonfire one. If you don't mind my asking, what kind of camera and lenses do you use?
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    Some of my photos

    Beautiful.. I love the last one.
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    Assembling a new barbeque

    My son and I were going to barbeque last weekend, but when I opened the lid there was mouse turds in it. Yuck!
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    Pancakes for breakfast....or whatever

    Hi everyone, sorry to bother you, but I could use your ideas. I have been invited to a 'recipe' bridal shower. Supposed to bring our favourite recipe. However, the small print says,"keep in mind the bride is a vegtarian"... My favourite recipe is not a vegie recipe. Anyone have any favourite...
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    How about eggs?

    Shortening is basically the same thing as lard, lard is fat. I wouldn't use oil instead of lard in a recipe becuase the oil would change the consistency of the batter. Lard is thick and fairly hard. Cooking oil is liquid.