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    G'DAY FROM OZ!!!

    G'DAY / Hellloooooo there champs!!! Hey I'm an Aussie girl about to move to your fantastic (so i've heard/seen in pictures!) city of Banff!! OMG i'm sooo bloody excited!! I've never even been overseas .. or seen snow!! haha, but that didnt stop me from getting an absolutely ORSUM job as a hotel...
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    A few questions for the locals, from an Aussie chick

    Hey All, I'm moving to Canada at the end of the year for a 12month working holiday!!! I'll be working in Banff and a friend of mine will b in Kamloops British Collumbia. I'd appreciate it so much if someone could give me some info on train connections between these two Cities!!!!??!?!?!?! How...