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  1. gc

    Be aware of scam (on facebook)

    I just received an e-mail from facebook saying "this is you on hidden cam" from one of my friends, and so I clicked on the link, but when I did I was prompted to download a file named codecsetup.exe. At this point I was suspicious so I googled it before downloading it and sure enough, it is a...
  2. gc

    Facebook - worth billions?

    Can someone please explain this one to me... So, Microsoft paid $240 million for a 1.6% stake in facebook, making facebook worth roughly $15 billion dollars. Now, facebook has only 80 million users, which means that it is worth about $200 per user. I don't get it. Maybe I should start my own...
  3. gc

    Is Craigslist selling e-mails?

    Is Craigslist selling e-mail addresses? Anyone think they may have noticed this happen? I realize it might not actually be craigslist, but perhaps a hacker or something. On their website they mention that they do get hacked but they are trying to prevent this from happening. The reason I ask is...
  4. gc

    Cancer Research "Heroes"

    I came across a very interesting article in the Globe & Mail today... I think this is an excellent article. It really makes you think. Why do we idolize people just because they happen to be good at sports, but the people who try to do good in the world, for example trying to cure diseases in...
  5. gc

    Worst Commercials

    What is everyone's least favourite commercial? As for mine, has anyone seen that Mitsubishi commercial where they hang up that soccer player and suck the life out of him? Creepy! That makes me never want to buy a Mitsubishi ever. Whoever came up with the idea for that commercial should be...
  6. gc

    My Pet Peeve (part 1)

    Ok, seriously people, why is it that when people are on an escalator, moving sidewalk, etc., people just STAND there? Hello, since when is the fact that the ground underneath you is moving an excuse to STOP WALKING? Are people really that lazy? At least if you are just going to stand there, MOVE...
  7. gc

    Bill Casey gets booted

    "MP Bill Casey was booted out of the Tory caucus hours after he broke ranks with his party on Tuesday night and voted against a bill to implement the federal budget." Link
  8. gc

    Tory MP to vote against budget?

    A tory MP has threatened to vote against the budget because he says the government broke its promise to exclude offshore oil revenues from the equilization formula. "Nova Scotia Tory MP Bill Casey, who said he will vote against his government's budget, will meet again Tuesday with Finance...
  9. gc

    Karma - A rational approach

    I believe in Karma. Now, before you go getting all skeptical, let me explain why... I believe humans are (relatively) moral because of evolution. If our ancestors all went around killing each other, our species would have been extinct a long time ago. We have to co-operate to survive as a...
  10. gc

    Canadian Do Not Call List?

    I think I remember hearing something about a do not call list, where if a telemarketer calls and you tell them not to call you, they are not allowed to keep calling. Is this true? Or is it only in the U.S.? What happens if they keep calling you? I am a customer of FIDO (big mistake) pay as you...
  11. gc

    Blast rocks U.S. embassy compound in Greece

  12. gc

    Liberals in the lead with Dion

    A new poll suggests that the Liberals are ahead of the Conservatives, and if an election were held today they would most likely win. I'm not surprised. I think the Liberals made a good choice with Dion, and I think he will make a good leader. Link
  13. gc

    Buffalo buffalo...

    Here's a funny wikipedia article in case you're bored: Link Gotta love Wikipedia...
  14. gc

    Drink More Wine

    It was reported in the globe and mail today that a compound found in red wine, called resveratrol, lowers the rate of diabetes & liver problems. I believe that it has also been shown to have anti-cancer, anti-aging & other beneficial properties. Better start drinking more wine :D (or eating more...
  15. gc

    A New Element

    A new element was supposedly created for one millisecond. The new element, as yet unnamed, is atomic number 118, making it an inert gas. WASHINGTON - Revisiting one of physics' most embarrassing cases of scientific misconduct, researchers from Russia and the United States announced Monday that...
  16. gc

    Something for conspiracy theorists

    On October 11, 2006, a small plane crashed into a building in New York City. The date was 10/11/06. Take away the 0 and write it is 10/11/6 Now, flip that upside down....9/11/01
  17. gc

    Nobel Prize Time

    It's Nobel Prize time. This year's winners for medicine are Andrew Fire and Craig Mello "for their discovery of RNA interference" (I actually knew this discovery would win it soon, either for chemistry or medicine, so I'm not surprised at all). The winners for physics are John Mather and George...
  18. gc

    Gunman kills at least 3 at small Amish school

    CBC This is at least the third time something like this has happened in only a few weeks. What the heck is wrong with these people?
  19. gc

    Bloc demands $12-billion in transfers to back Tories

    Source Is this figure unrealistic for the tories? Will we see an election once the liberals choose a new leader next year? Or will there be a compromise?
  20. gc

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Weblog

    I just found out today that the President of Iran has his own weblog. If you want to know more about what is on this guy's mind, you can read his thoughts here: Website (click on american flag for english & click on arrows or + sign). The website isn't very good, and there's not much to it...