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    Can't Sleep

    Just got back from a little party, it's past 3:00 here. And I can't sleep. I don't feel like sleeping frankly. I'm now at the point of wanting to stay up 'til 7:00 in the morning, but hey, I can't, I have stuff to do "tomorrow" (today, that is). *sigh* I'm all wet by the way, it was raining when...
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    Moving To The Maritimes

    Just to spur some discussion ... If I would consider moving to Canada, what do the Maritimes have to offer for me? What reasons can you give me to choose for the Maritimes? What do cities like Halifax or St. John's have to offer me more than - lets say - Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Ottowa...
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    Moghrabi hasn't been much around lately. Does anybody know where he is?
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    Gotten Up Yet?

    OK, I'm starting to get worried ... Peapod fell of her chair, and still not gotten up it seems ... can anyone give her a hand? 8)
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    The Pope Has Passed On

    I just heard the Pope has died. Just wanted to let you all know.
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    Be Careful With The Dutchwoman

    [Translated from, LINK] Seal Hunter Chases Socialist Party MP With Knife CHARLOTTETOWN (ANP) - A seal hunter in the Canadian Charlottetown has threatened Socialist Party MP Van Velzen with a knife Saturday. "He was chasing me with a knife. His hands were full of blood. It was...
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    USA Actions Since 1945

    Here's a site I found on the Internet. I thought it to be really interesting. LINK
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    The Pope Is Dieing

    The Pope has been given his Last Sacraments, it has been said.
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    Strong Earthquake Sumatra

    A strong earthquake believed to be 8.2 on the Richter scale has struck before the coast on Sumatra some three hours. For more information: LINK
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    Welcome back LadyC

    Hey LadyC, I noticed you have been away for more than two weeks, so I thought: why not make a thread to welcome her! :) So, how are you doing?
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    Terry Schiavo

    What is your opinion about Terry Schiavo? It seems there is not a single thread about her.
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    What Will Happen When Peapod Takes Over The World

    Since I'm back I have been ... fascinated :P by Peapod's signature. What is she trying to say here? Is she really planning to take over the world with Sparky?! If so, I was thinking, what would the world be like? 8O Your imput please.
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    Hey Peapod!

    Hey Peapod, how was your day today?
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    I'm Back

    Hey hi all, I'm finally back after a looong time. I have been "a bit" busy with school the last few ... ehm how long have I been away again? I'm also busy with the local Green Party at the moment, and I also have to say I kinda neglected CC, everytime I wanted to post something I thought "hey...
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    Prince Harry And His Nazi Costume

    Harry 'Will Not Apologise Again' BBC, January 14th 2005 What do you think about the whole affair regarding prince Harry?
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    Are We Dutchmen Nazis?

    Does History Repeat Itself? By Cal Thomas, December 6th 2004, Fox News,2933,140612,00.html Holland is a perfect example of what happens when there is no governing moral standard. The Dutch have decriminalized most drugs and people smoke dope openly in venues set...
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    Palestinian Christians

    The article is already 1,5 years old, but I found it an interesting read. I had some doubts with how certain things were said, but overall I thought it to be quite interesting. As the thread title tells you, the article is about Palestinian Christians, a sort of third group in Israel/Palestine...
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    Machmoud Abbas Elected President Palestinian Authority

    Abbas Makes Peace Offer To Israel January 11th 2005, BBC News Profile: Machmoud Abbas January 10th 2005, BBC News So, what do you think? Will the election of Abbas have a positive...
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    Catholic Parents Angry At Admitting Sons Gay Couple

    source: SignOnSanDiego :roll: The paragraph in bold shows the hypocrisy of it all. What if a proposal like this one was done by the Church authority? How many parents would agree?
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    Letter From Amsterdam

    I found this article on the Internet, and as a Dutchman, I found it really interesting, although I do not agree with all what is said in the article. Gives you a bit of insight in the Netherlands & ethnic minorities - especially Muslims - at the end of 2004/the start of 2005. Enjoy the read (I...