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    Asia Tsunami vs. Asia Earthquake

    I'm curious about something, and maybe some of you out there have some ideas, but why do you think that Canadians individually contributed over 12 MILLION dollars to the Tsunami Relief fund, but to date have only contributed $225,000 to the Earthquake??
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    Anyone else out there seen "Crash"? I thought it was absolutely an amazing piece of cinema. A bit contrived because all the stories come together at the end (magnolia'ish I've read it described as), but I thought overall it was fantastic. It also, in my case, really made me think about my...
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    Canmore Folk Music Festival

    Any self proclaimed folkies out there?? I'm heading to the Canmore Folk Music festival this weekend. It's a fabulous little festival that has excellent performers, but hasn't reached the crazy mob like situation that is present in some of the bigger city festivals (Edmonton for example). I...
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    Looking for a great read!

    I have been on a classics kick lately, and now I need something fun, and fabulous to read. Most recently, Crime and Punishment and Les Miserables have drained my energy! So, any great suggestions for a great book that won't take a great deal of brainpower, and won't have me hunting for a...
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    Cinderella Man

    Anyone out there seen this movie yet? My Aunt RAVED about it, and I'm considering taking it in, but thought I'd get some other opinions on it. I often find that the "Critically Acclaimed" movies aren't up my alley at all!!
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    Root Beer!!

    Mmm fudge. It is interesting to meet people that have never heard of root beer. I have to agree with 007, A&W makes the best rootbeer. By far. ONly if you have it in a frosty mug though. Me, I prefer a good old Coca Cola though.
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    Moghrabi, who is that in your avatar? He's awfully nice to look at.
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    Canadians For Equal Marriage

    I belong to a mailing list from "Canadians For Equal Marriage" and got this email today in my inbox. Seeing as I know most of you are openminded individuals, I thought I would post it, and hope that a few more people might email their MP's to support the right of Same Sex Marriage...
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    Canadian Travel

    Since Haggis and I totally hijacked the New Year's party thread, I thought maybe I'd start a new one where people can talk about places in Canada that they've visited. I'd love to travel our fair country more, and to have someone in Toronto tell me what great places I should visit is a chance I...
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    Christmas Memories

    I'm stealing Haggis's idea and making a thread dedicated to Christmas Memories. Good bad, funny sad, share your memories as Christmas creeps a little closer (33 days!!) My favourite memory, which is repeated every year is getting the Christmas tree. My family always puts up the tree on either...
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    Pentagon and 9/11

    Have any of you guys seen this website. Bizarre stuff going on in that good ol' U S of A.
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    Bored and All Alone

    You know, it's really hard to increase your posts when you're the only one on the site. I suppose there are the standard excuses like it's Halloween, I'm out with the kids, I have to guard the candy against my dog, etc etc. But seriously, I actually had some free time, and I figured I could...
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    Peapodesque style post

    In a very peapodic manner, I've found a quiz of some interest. Check it out. I found it amazingly accurate...
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    Does anyone on here do yoga at home? I go to a class once a week, but would like to do some at home too. I am really just looking for a good video to help me out at home until I'm more comfortable with all the poses and positions. It's a long shot, I know, checking with all you guys, but you...
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    Dog banning

    Okay, so it's a topic I've seen many places around the internet, but it hasn't made it's way over here, so I'll bring it myself. How do we all feel about Ontario banning pit bulls? Is it a step in the right direction, or in the wrong? I'm having a very interesting email conversation with a...
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    Forum count

    So, I'm curious, how many forums are you guys on right now? Or is this it? DId you dump a different forum to join us here, or do you play table tennis back and forth, balancing your act, and remember who you are, where you are, and when? I ask, because I technically belong to three forums, post...
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    Has anyone ever seen, or heard, or been directly involved with something they could not explain? UFO sighting? Ghosts in your attic? I find it all very interesting, and don't like to discount the possibility. So, tell me some stories!
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    Quiet Night

    Where is everyone? ¿Dónde está cada uno? Où est chacun? here I am escaping from my company and it's just me and Haggis holding down the fort. *proceeds to hold down the fort* Okay. I'm tired now though, catch ya all on the flip side. (yes, I am old enough to know what a record is, I even...
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    Uncomfortable situations

    What situations make you most uncomfortable? Public speaking? Office meetings? Social outings? Meeting new people? Holding a baby? I get most uncomfortable in any situation where people expect me to be social. I am by nature not a very social person. I have never been, and I doubt at this...
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    Caution: Philosophical thoughts inside

    Okay, I have a question. Self Fulfilling prophecy. Do you think that it's true. Do we condition ourselves to do what we think is expected. For example, if as a worker you are always notified of your mistakes, and never of your accomplishments, does it stand to reason then that you will...