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    Canada? Olympics? HAHAHA

    OMG What is this crap with us at the olympics? WHAT a crock of $&%^^$ give me some steroids and I will get in there and show em a thing or do! (err if I could ever get off my lazy ass, lol)
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    Online Tournaments

    Andem has had a smashing idear of starting our competitive Monoply games online again! Which of course this can include Scrabble, Battleship, Checkers, Chess...etc...etc... We are encouraging alot of you guys to sign up so we can make this into a Tournament and bring a different level of games...
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    My kitty :)

    My new kitten, Blue :) Shes squinting in every picture from the flash :( lol Siamese tabby cross, interesting and cute mix :D
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    Best computer?

    Anyone got any heads up on computer prices (with monitor) For about $1000? And noooo Macs please.... 8O
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    Got a green thumb?

    I'm a huge gardening anyways, if there is anyone else here with a green thumb... I need some advice on a couple plants. I always seem to have problems with my "morning glories" the leaves always seem to get spotted. I checked all the leaves carefully. I don't see any appearence of...
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    Royal Bank Customer?!?!?

    Anyone else with Royal Bank? Anyone else not get their money? Anyone else as mad as I am? Anyone else want to go in there with a bomb and give em a peice of your mind?!?! I DO! I'm changing banks!!! Anyone have any good recommendations? :twisted: :D
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    I'mmmmm back!

    Muwahhahaha fear me!!! All you cowards hide beneath your desk and shake like a leaf between your mama's knees! :twisted: Wh00p der it is! Whose yahhh daddy?!!??!?! YAHHHHHHH thats how it goes! You got it! *cough*...yah...*cough* *hugs Andem and Shmad* Boyz in da house! Yah yer stuck with...
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    Is the bastard dead?!?

    I think its a 50/50 quarter toss on that one. Iraq says hes fine. Yet he was requiring medical attention after the first strike. But there hasnt been any word from him cept that assumed bogus tape? Course he could be playing dead to fool everyone like the other war...*shrugs* Even if he is...
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    Does Iraq have something up there sleeve that is unforseen?

    I think we might be under estimating them and what they can do... During desert storm they tried making a nuclean missle, but they accidently made it to big and it wouldnt fly. Maybe they finally figured out how to build one in the 11 years since the last war...I just hope they haven't. And if...
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    euthanasia (Assisted Suicide)

    OK I think we need a "Controversial Forum" rather then us keep using general or political forum boards ;p Anyways...Now heres something to chew on. Should Euthanasia be legal? For some reason the goverment sees it as murder. Now I know if I was dying from some terminal disease, with no cure...