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  1. Colpy

    One Zionist goes and another one comes

    800 years ago, Islam was at the cutting edge of science, technology, and culture. Then the imams decided it was all unIslamic. And Islam has done nothing but slide downhill ever since.
  2. Colpy

    One Zionist goes and another one comes

    "I refuse to join any club that would have me" Groucho Marx. Perhaps Mohammed was a Marxist:
  3. Colpy

    One Zionist goes and another one comes

    Mohammed was a war monger, brigand, slaver, rapist, pedophile and genocidal murderer.
  4. Colpy

    Gun Control is Completely Useless.

    Yeah. I was basing power on muzzle energy stats..........which makes the .30-06 something a little over twice as powerful. And yeah, I heard the 5.56 ability to wound was the reason it was adopted..........but I think a more reasonable explanation is the weight of the ammunition. It weighs...
  5. Colpy

    Gun Control is Completely Useless.

    Not to mention, it is both semi-automatic and twice as powerful as any 5.56 (like the AR 15) Thanks, Moms, for the laugh.
  6. Colpy

    Gun Control is Completely Useless.
  7. Colpy

    Make Speech Free Again

  8. Colpy

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    Self-defense is a perfectly good reason to shoot someone, and if you spent 5 minutes looking at the evidence, this was clearly self defense in two cases, and probably was in the third case (not on camera) according to witnesses. If I am carrying a firearm, and you chase me as I flee, and then...
  9. Colpy

    Offence over military emblem ends Durham Region Camp X exhibit

    It is the book "1984" come to life. History is altered or hidden to suit the agenda. Language is manipulated or suppressed to suit the agenda. You are not only told what you must not say, but also what you must say. It is a scary world out there. Liberty is disappearing.
  10. Colpy

    Gun Control is Completely Useless.

    RCMP Entraps Licensed Gun Owners The RCMP entrapped thousands of licensed gun owners when they reclassified 354 formerly Non-Restricted and Restricted firearms as Prohibited without notifying anyone. These were the firearms reclassified after May 6, 2020. There is no requirement in law for...
  11. Colpy

    Gun Control is Completely Useless.

    Altis Drops Liberal Contract to Manage Gun Buyback Program Opinion Dec 9 Altis HR was slated to manage the federal Liberal’s gun buyback program for “military style” rifles, but yesterday the company...
  12. Colpy

    Gun Control is Completely Useless.

    Trudeau’s Toxic Gun Ban: No Buy-in to the “Buyback” Monday, December 7, 2020 There is new evidence of problems with the implementation of the “assault weapons” ban imposed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on...
  13. Colpy

    Trudeau has eyes set on a great reset for Canada

    "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." - Winston Churchill
  14. Colpy

    Nigel Farage saves the lives of two migrants

    Now THAT would be interesting.