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  1. harrylee

    Seniors Losing Mobile Homes in BC. Government at Fault??????

    You folks do realize this is a 12 year old thread, right?
  2. harrylee

    Not An ‘Administration’. A Regime.

    Thank you, Captain Correcto
  3. harrylee

    Not An ‘Administration’. A Regime.

    Not an administration or a a regime.........More like Idocracy.
  4. harrylee

    The Worst PM Ever. Period!

    Since we are talking Canadian and American leaders in this thread........
  5. harrylee

    Ontario issues stay-at-home order except for essentials

    Red Square?.....Yeah, can see that coming.
  6. harrylee

    Conservative Infighting Over Racist Members

    No need....they balance themselves
  7. harrylee

    Conservative Infighting Over Racist Members

    My pickup is white too...........I am sooooooo ashamed. :eek:
  8. harrylee

    Well that was entertaining!

    No, wouldn't want to see that at all...I am glad that didn't happen.........But, I still feel the election had something fishy about it.
  9. harrylee

    Well that was entertaining!

    Sort of reminded me of this.........
  10. harrylee

    Tory MP Sloan accuses party of hypocrisy over efforts to have him expelled

    Rules only apply to conservatives.
  11. harrylee

    Injured dog owner spends £300 on X-Rays and vets for his limping lurcher Bill- only to learn he was only copying him out of sympathy

    I have bad knees and limp a bit when I first get going in the morning. My dog seems to be limping more these days, vet said it might be a torn ligament and put her on anti-inflamitories...........Hmmmmmmmmm
  12. harrylee

    Calls to Impeach Biden are already starting..

    Think any of this will be reported on CNN et all? Not friggin' likely
  13. harrylee

    Advice about the Coronavirus

    My wife is big on the turnip....probably why she likes me.
  14. harrylee

    Betty turns 99 today, but she is 💯 the funniest person on the planet.

    Quite the lady....I hope she lives forever
  15. harrylee

    Living with the dark winters in Sweden

    Ever been to Edmonton?
  16. harrylee

    Well that was entertaining!

    Not this week.....and likely for a while
  17. harrylee

    Well that was entertaining!

  18. harrylee

    'The worst president we have ever seen. Period'

    Kinda funny how that "idea" can burn and loot neighborhoods.....Haven't seen democracy do that