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  1. the caracal kid

    What is freedom?

    CDNBear asked me about what I view as freedom in another thread. Here was my initial response: The question then became one of what is "true freedom"? (if there is one). I will begin by saying freeom is a state of mind. Anything held onto (a thought, a material object, etc) has a limiting...
  2. the caracal kid

    Sign Reads "Stephen Harper Eats Babies."
  3. the caracal kid

    Criminal Immigrants
  4. the caracal kid

    another cartoon....]full story[/url] edit: the story is under editorial at however, in going back to fix the link, i now have to...
  5. the caracal kid

    Ontario wants power to ban handguns Well, "the cat was let out of the bag". It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will Harper grant the provinces the power over firearms desired by Ontario?
  6. the caracal kid

    What's your diet?

    i can relate, cosmo. I was vegitarian for years (didn't eat diary directly, but didn't make sure dairy products were not in pre-made foods; ate fresh salmon in season being from the coast) Then, for performance reasons I researched diet and learned quite a bit. For one, I always suffered from...
  7. the caracal kid

    What's your diet?

    you can call me vegan, but that barely scratches the surface. I eat an alkalyne diet, and properly balancing the GI of foods in relation to activity (so no "sugar spikes"). The most obvious thing that extends from this is I don't eat any sugars. I eat organic, and i do not eat processed foods...
  8. the caracal kid

    Gun-toting motorists more prone to road rage

    Something for the "guns protect us" types:
  9. the caracal kid

    Careful not to catch a fat gut.
  10. the caracal kid

    Canadian Meals / Recipes

    RE: canadian meals My gf has a cookbook of classic Newfoundland recipies, as well as I think one for Nova Scotia. In a statement to our diversity though, I must mention once seeing a recipie published in a canadian tabloid paper for "winter gamey cat". Yes, it was a recipie for felus...
  11. the caracal kid

    Redrawing Canada

    The topic of redefining the federal government is often discussed. However, a topic that would directly affect the structure of a new government structure is rarely touched. That topic is the provincial/territorial boundaries. If you were to start over and create new juristicons within...
  12. the caracal kid

    Tobin won't be running for Liberal leadership

    Tobin won't be running for Liberal leadership Updated Tue. Jan. 31 2006 7:27 PM ET News Another Liberal leadership prospect has dropped out of the early race to replace Paul Martin, with Brian Tobin announcing he will not be putting his name in the hat. Tobin, a former federal cabinet...
  13. the caracal kid

    Who is the true enemy of America and Americanism?

    Who is the true enemy of America and Americanism? 1/31/2006 12:53:00 PM GMT By: David Michael Green Forget the war on TERRORISM. The U.S. PRESIDENT GEROGE W. BUSH,is engaged in a full-blown war on Americanism. Ridiculous? Unthinkable? The idea that an American President could epitomize...
  14. the caracal kid

    Bin Laden boosts anti-Bush book
  15. the caracal kid

    Jesus existence case in Italian court
  16. the caracal kid

    Alberta to push ahead private health care bill well, the game of "what will the future of healthcare look like" is poised to begin.
  17. the caracal kid

    Tax cuts non-negotiable, Tories say well, the attitude has begun! I particularily like how they say they will help fund their tax cuts by rolling back the Liberal tax cuts for the poor. The true colours show through.
  18. the caracal kid

    There’s no such thing as “International Terrorism”
  19. the caracal kid

    From an american "right-winger": a dubious thought

    "It's possible, though not likely, that the Conservatives will win an outright majority in Parliament. But even if they don't, and need to form a coalition government, they will have more of a chance to move an agenda than one would expect. As a political consultant explained to me in Washington...
  20. the caracal kid

    The Alberta Deficit.