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    The stronger top 5:
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    Do you name ten !! ??

    About the top ten of yours best words ????? Here mine top 3: - Choose - Ziggy - Especially
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    Make your list of ideology of politics.

    Then you compared yourself to the one you remind of most. I am Bernie Sanders in total. But at all I am progressive. :smile:
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    Go Go Rangers

    About a classic team spirit from NY. But this season isn't best Since 2008. But now to the stats. Top league: 1. Kreider - 21 P 2. Zibanejad - 21 P 3. Hayes - 17 P 4. Pionk - 15 P 5. Howden - 13 P 6. Vesey - 12 P 7. Zuccarello - 10 P Only top seven. But bodys dislike the team...
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    team spirit

    About the teams. CSKA Moscow Jokerit Perhaps just the bad luck but I liked 2 teams at least.
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    Who did you others choose for three options

    Trade about three options. It's about three I choose, but the choice is after that a difficulty so thought if the people could choose me.
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    Conspiracy in the European Union

    On the whole of detailed information, I think the EU is turning 14 + 14 nations of the cake into two areas where 14 north and east had improved better by the introduction of the Northeastern EU by Communism, while in the southwest it had what better of the introduction of the state federation...
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    America's human race

    Did you Americans have a clue about the era of the human being that comes from. The quiz is: A - It was founded by 250 years ago by America's President's history. B - By faith is progressive in middle Americans but what then. C - Hip Hop and more music is the culture of many Americans. D -...
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    Late Lunch/Early Dinner

    About the matter.
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    Do you call your God ???

    Of me there is none other than the Lord when the Lord gave me faith in the feeling of faith in faith. But so far my faith is beyond the Bible. But what gods are other members is God in your faith? Or what is the belief about Islam? Or there were non-believers in the forum...