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    It appears that Stelmach might take the Alberta PC leadership.

    So just for the record, I hate the freaking Alberta PC party (especially under "King" Ralph's rule). And i refused to be a two second tory (buy a membership just to vote for the leader). But with that said, I must say that I have a certain sense of relief that Ed Stalmach is leading the race...
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    Bon Cop, Bad Cop...anyone watch or planning to watch this?

    I am curious if anyone is planning to watch this show. On the whole, I do like Canadian films, and I plan on watching this movie. Anyone watch this and would like to offer a review?
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    Does anyone have a song for a cell ringtone? If so, what?

    I just downloaded Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones, and of all the songs i have ever downloaded, the real trax PIB is the best. Just surpasses Depeche Mode as my new fave ring tone.
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    Do you blog?

    I am any of you have a blog? And are you an active poster or a not so active poster. Do you read other blogs? If so, which ones?
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    So what's been going on in Canada since the war broke out?

    I get home, turn on the news...and its mid east stuff for the better part of 15 minutes. Than stuff about some child saving a dog or stupid shit like that. Have not had time to read newspapers in depth beyond the front page which is all about the mideast war. Occasionally stay on top of...
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    Its official...Pigs do fly.

    So basic gist of my situation. I dropped my purse. Inside my purse was a pop and a my phone. Pop bursts over phone. But i am out of town, and could not get back to my service branch in 10 days. So they send the phone off to get repaired and submit an insurance claim. (I paid the supplemental)...
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    Question regarding this latest mid-east conflict.

    I am going to state right here that international politics is not my strong point, and i understand mid-east politics even less. But i have two questions. 1) Why is it acceptable to bomb a country because of a terrorist organiztion within that country? That to me would be like bombing the...
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    Hypothetical question about the rule of order in Canada.

    My mother and I were watching the news this week in regards to what the alleged terrorirsts were planning to do, one of which was to blow up the parliament. On a related arc, i was watching an old episode of the West Wing in which the POTUS had to step down, and their was no VP at that time, so...
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    Check out my signature! LOL..

    You know those demotivational pics that are funny (such as this link.. My siggie has to be the ultimate one! Hehehe. Soo geeky but i sure got a good laugh anyways.
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    Senate Reform

    Steven Harper wants to introduce Senate Reform so that officials are elected, not appointed. Do you agree or disagree? I realize this issue has been discussed before, but now that the Conservatives are in power and this might be a reality, i would like to revisit this thread to see what your...
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    What are Canadas twin cities??? (

    This came up in the Alberta forum...but i am curious..what are the sister cities/twin cities in Canada. I know for example that Edmonton's sister city is Hull. I know that Calgary's is Quebec City...
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    What region/city/location is the TRUE Canada.

    I am curious...when you think of Canada in the boarder sense..what image pops in your head (related to geograpical area) A city or a region, or some location that if someone where to ask you to see what Canada most represents, you would send them there. I came across this thought because...
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    Sigh..its my birthday today.

    So i was having a bit of a life crisis today. Its my 29th birthday. And for whatever reason, it hit me hard. I started thinking about my life, and how i feel like i haven't accomplished much and stuff...anyone else ever go through this?
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    Five Paradox!!! I need your help!

    I have a question and this might be something you know being that you are freakishly smart, eloquent and our resident expert in all things royal :lol: Why does Prince Phillip not have the title of King? Is he techincally a king?
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    Albertans..need your help...

    My friends and I have a girls night once a month where we plan something and just hang out (so silly things like getting pedicures or going to plays or restaurants or what have you). And we alternate between months... Well anyhoo, my month comes up in June..and I would like to consider spending...
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    Effing Roaming Charges.

    SO..i went to the States a few weeks back. Unfortuneately because of a freak snow storm, i was more or less stranded in Minneapolis. I had to call home, i had to call my friend in NC...and so on. I thought i had a package with Rogers that dealt with long distance phone charges...but
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    Anyone here an Iron Chef fan?

    Ok..i am a huge fan of the Iron Chef. While the American one is fine, it does not hold a candle to the original cheeze bucket Japaneese version. With the giggling japanese girl and the excitable guy who interjects with "haki-son"....whats not to like?
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    Relationships and politics.

    Question for ya... When you are/were dating, how important was having the same political viewpoint when choosing a potential life mate? Where would you rate political viewpoints as an important quality in choosing a mate? Have you ever dumped someone because they were of a different...
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    Ok..admit honest...any CPAC watchers out there?

    I am sitting here typing away on Canadian Content, catching up on stuff i have missed...and watching CPAC in the background as they debate the war in Afghanistan. Sometimes the best debates and arguments come after the big televised question And i find myself occasionally...