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    Global Warming: still the ‘Greatest Scam in History’

    There's nothing wrong with researching and developing alternative energy technologies, but it's way to immature to be planning our dependence on it. Case in point, the Tilsonburg Siemens Plant closing: “These plants were only set up because of subsidies and the large (government)-procurement...
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    That darned Earth. It just won't follow the models

    With global ice above normal, global temperatures not increasing, and the fact that CO2 levels used to be much higher even during ice ages, what are these scientists so worried about? Perhaps they are worried about being found out. After all, they are the ones ignoring science. ThinkProgress...
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    Death knell for AGW

    What are you on about Loc? The debate was over years ago! :)
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    UK Government Report: Global Warming Stopped 16 Years Ago…

    Because of David Suzuki and Greenpeace. They saved us.
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    Still have lots of turkey left?

    OMG you're a genius. Dagnabbit we're out of Turkey, but I am so gonna try that. Turkey's should be on sale now, right? Yay!
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    Obama 2016 available online

    My Apologies if this has already been posted, I just got in and am not up to date on the threads. :) I came across this link to the full length production of Obama 2016 for anyone who's interested: Nevermind, gone already. :(
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    New study shows half of the global warming in the USA is artificial

    Yes, but not the half you were thinking of. It was the other half.
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    Epic Anti-Global Warming Monologue

    Has a much larger carbon footprint, too! :)
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    Convicted terrorist continues terrorizing from prison

    This guy is a convicted terrorist who fancies himelf a litigator to keep himself occupied in prison, conducting lawfare against people he doesn't like. Apparently he gets a lot of celebrity support as well, and owns a bunch of non-profits that receive money from the Tides Foundation for one. Big...
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    Beat it, Christians!

    Years of killings, bombings and burning of churches, Christians now given 3 days to leave Nigeria's north. I'm sure this can all be explained away as a perfectly understandable reaction to U.S. foreign policy.
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    The case for Israel

    I haven't seen it so I can't say if it's worthwhile or not, but for anyone who's interested the movie is available free until midnight Monday here: The Case for Israel: Free here! With permission till midnight Monday!
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    The Big Bang Theory....Simplified?

    I think further study is required. :)
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    Death knell for AGW

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    Death knell for AGW

    8-) Meanwhile, back at the ranch....... Heatwave sets records across southeast Australia “The south east of Australia continues to see unprecedented heat at a time where conditions are also historically dry,” said Dr David Jones, Head of Climate Analysis at the Bureau’s National Climate...
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    The earthquakes that follow the total solar eclipse.

    Yes, I should be posting it any day now. :lol:
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    Our Human Rights Commision??? Good to know our money is being well spent defending our right to be censored by people who don't like what we have to say. Thank goodness for people with Cajones like...
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    How many here use a breadmaker?

    Used to but it's been in the basement for a few years now. We'll break out again some day. :)
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    Children a security risk

    So, are we a nation that values freedom of speech, or are we not? Are we free to express our ideas without fear of physcial retribution, or are we zombies who can't say what we really think lest we be attacked? Is it just me or do stories like this make anyone else's blood boil? I say life in...
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    Don't tell the Italians, but lasagna may actually be British

    In Italian, yes. Here's another interesting article about the origins. I now know more about lasagna than I want to know. Guess what i'm having for lunch after getting involved in this thread? :) Yup, bangers and mash!! :smilebox:
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    Don't tell the Italians, but lasagna may actually be British

    Considering what makes or breaks a lasagna is the sauce, and considering the tomato is native to South America and wasn't introduced to Europe until the 16th century, it's just silly to argue over lasagna's origin using 14th century records. There are no limits to what can be construed as...