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    CFL 2021

    NFL collective agreement and television rights are up for renegotiation in 2022. Realize the CFL is not the NFL but $2 billion for only Monday night (20 games?) maybe going to $3 compared to $50 million for the entire radio, television, and internet broadcasting rights for an entire season of...
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    COVID-19 'Pandemic'

    I thought I would tune in to see what is going on. Ravens were playing the Bills on the NFL network. The stadium was full. Bills were in red. Maybe it was last year. So now you have to come in with some condescending remark. My observation that the stadium was packed is because the stadium was...
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    COVID-19 'Pandemic'

    It must have been a game played earlier in the year. Not that in to the NFL. Mostly curious.
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    COVID-19 'Pandemic'

    NFL Network had a pre game show on all day. Never once heard covid mentioned. Too much money at stake maybe.
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    COVID-19 'Pandemic'

    Packed stadium in Buffalo to watch the Bills sends a mixed message. Seating capacity of 71,000. Guess it depends on what side of the fence you are on.
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    CFL 2021

    Bombers mailing in a $115,000 contract for Adam Bighill tells me nothing has changed. Side job is shaking hands for husband of the Bomber Chairman of the Board Dana Spiring. Could be a coincidence. What is good for one is good for all so then all teams do it. So who really cares if there are...
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    Canadian aviation

    Brand new Air Force One ready to be unveiled for Joe Biden. $5.3 billion to build. Will be Hunters party palace with no security checks when returning from international locations.
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    Trump USA : 2020

    Was it $500 million that Trump saved on the Air Force One replacement? Dirty traitor to defence contractors.
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    Ford Halts Focus Car Plant for Full Month Due to Chip Shortage

    They should go back to the Falcon name instead of the Focus.
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    Ontario issues stay-at-home order except for essentials

    One thing about a pandemic is that it is a great equalizer. Being important isn't really that important when being alive is the priority.
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    Public Education in 2020

    $170 Billion for education in the Biden stimulus to get kids back to school. That's a lot of money. Educators will be happy.
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    CFL 2021

    Thinking that the CFL is really only a division of TSN and Bell Media who had revenue of $3.25 Billion in 2019. Nice for them to have the CFL locked up on all internet, television, and radio rights for the next 6 years at $50 million per year. Lets focus on the globals Randy. CFL thinks they...
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    Second Impeachment Underway

    Nancy Pelosi is 80 years old. Time for her to take the pension imo Makes no sense that the 50 year olds have to compete with the 80 year olds for control. Time for the alien take over.
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    Just thinking about how it was a pandemic that created the need to get the serum to Nome that ended up becoming commercialized into the Iditarod Dog Sled race. Hearing there are plans for a Summit Quest from Fairbanks to Circle which will be nice for the dogs to have a chance to run. Might be a...
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    Ontario issues stay-at-home order except for essentials

    You don't remember Kathleen Wynne
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    Second Impeachment Underway

    Then after six years of investigation it will come to light that there was no intent other than that of the Democratic party to demonize Donald Trump. As he said "the greatest witch hunt in the history of the world" All good for me. I live in Canada.
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    Let's play: If an Election Were Held Today

    Best move by a politician in a long time to Navdeep Bains knowing when to cut bait and run. He qualifies for a ministers pension and tried to do a good job in a tough spot.
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    US Election 2020 🇺🇸 🤯

    Democrats enacting a law that forbids any party other than theirs to win an election. Be careful what you wish for America comes to mind.
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    CFL 2021

    The one year they come up with a good schedule and the season gets cancelled and then they do another one that has Toronto play Hamilton 4 times in 5 weeks to start the year. Two are exhibition games. Full season ticket pricing for all. As long as TSN is happy is my guess.
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    The Worst PM Ever. Period!

    Would really like to know how many Canadians know more than one foreign ambassador. Assume someone would have a cousin to know that they do exist. Where is the value in 170 foreign embassies? Would be nice if they kept it under $200 million / year but I am likely kidding myself in thinking that.