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    le chat du qc vs le clavardage fr

    qui d'autre vois que ca serait tres diffice pour une personne qui ne parle pas beaucoup de jouale a comprendre le chat quebecois comparer au chat en france?
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    next week deadline

    so there we have it no negotiations and a demand from the states
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    boisclair again

    yes i kno we already have an article about him up but i want mines too source: anyways i dont kno how many of u heard his 45 minute acceptence speach but it was long also along thoughes lines the pq is...
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    ive seen hotel rewanda recently and read un dicmance a la piscine a kigali are there any other good books about the rewandan genocided tht i should read or any comments about the two works i mentioned?
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    im bk

    ok im bk for the night and maybe to morrow if ur on u can relive the gd times with me
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    not dead

    well im back and here to stay i was baned and then internet and other stuff but now im back :D
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    blaber chatter

    yea blaber chatter time ^_^
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    i found some moving tinkerbell gif for u so u can a a moving avatar like the rest of us
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    Bush & Irak

    some cartoon i picked up off
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    The Trolls and Freaks Have their own site

    lol should we take it over?
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    mlt meeting

    hey i just though maybe the montreal CC ppl could meet some tme over the holydays where would yall wanna meet?
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    Root Beer!!

    yea it is
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    Root Beer!!

    realy facinating
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    Root Beer!!

    u had to kill it eh
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    Root Beer!!

    hihi i win
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    musical findings

    well here a thres where u can post artists that u though were kool when u surfed the net here mine for 2 day Temposhark
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    1100 post !!!

    i get 1100 posts only 5 more to get to eigth on the all time top 10 posters
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    Root Beer!!

    no u need chocolate 2
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    Root Beer!!

    get A & W or barks
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    Root Beer!!

    or we could just send hima 2 liter one pea