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  1. Twin_Moose

    Kazakhstan has fallen

    Kazakhstan government resigns as demonstrators set fire to capital BY LEXI LONAS - 01/05/22 10:11 AM EST Was Borat involved? :)
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    China is on shaky ground financially

    China’s Local Governments Have ‘Hidden’ Debt Estimated at $8 Trillion or Nearly Half of the Country’s GDP By Joe Hoft Published October 5, 2021 at 1:30pm 342 Comments
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    Colorado supermarket mass shooting leaving 10 dead

    A suspect is in custody after a shooting on Monday at a Boulder, Colorado grocery store that resulted in 10 fatalities including a law enforcement officer, authorities said. Boulder police Chief Maris Herold announced the number of fatalities on Monday night, according to the Associated Press...
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    That India-Pakistan thing

    India claims airstrikes on Pakistan 'terror camps' across disputed Kashmir border
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    Notley trying to ram Provincial parks approval before election

    Notley trying to get these 4 new Provincial parks approved before the 2019 election. Problem is they are right in the heart of Oil, NG, and Logging industry. Claiming they will create more jobs, and make about $140 Million in revenue, not mentioning that it will cost Billions in lost revenue in...
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    Facebook to fact-check Canadian news stories

    Facebook to fact-check Canadian news stories TORONTO - Facebook Canada will launch a third-party, fact-checking program to root out fake news and provide users with more context on articles they read on the platform. The program is a collaboration with newswire service Agence France-Presse, who...
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    Warning to CNN world reporters

    How is that for a MF style thread title Lol Malaysia jails first person under fake news law A Danish man was jailed for a week in Malaysia Monday after pleading guilty to breaking a law against "fake news", the first person to be punished under the controversial legislation. The law, passed in...
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    For those that still follow the Julian Calander

    "Khrystos Rodyvsia" Ukrainian Christmas Eve - "Khrystos Rodyvsia" (Christ is born!) "Shchaslyvoho" Merry Christmas
  9. Twin_Moose

    Ontario budget 2017

    18 ways Ontario’s budget will affect you Ontario’s budget-balancing act is based on some risky assumptions I don't get it how do you spend more and balance the budget. Are they balancing it the same as Quebec on the backs of other provinces using transfer payments as their given revenue?