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    Anyone following the Penticton B.C. missing couple story?

    She was found alive in the van after having spent 49 days waiting for her husband to get help. They waited three days before he left the van to go walk the road back? She has stated that she is not optomistic about his fate. The van was found on a logging road they had taken off the beaten path...
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    How many of you slow down the pace?

    Walking across a busy street. The do not walk signs change so fast. I have noticed while in the vehicle the older people that have a walker are such a slower pace. Those that rush to get across darting by them. I have made an effort slowed down and or said hello and kept a comfortable distance...
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    Teachers careful how you discipline the entire class.

    A recent discussion with a young mother of two at elementary school. The entire class was being disciplined because of one child acting out. These are 7 and 8 year olds. The entire class was asked if a child had threatened any of them. Half the class raised their hands. The child was not in...
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    Is this Real or a Hoax?

    Small Alien Body Found In Buryatia, Russia!! April 17th, 2011 - Alien Addictions Small Alien body found in Buryatia Russia what do you think of this? Plasticine?
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    I drew a picture was it politically correct?

    The "Egg ". It is shaking. The beak poking through a small crack in the shell. The legs protruding. All around the egg it is saying "cluck...Cluck...Cluck!...cluck cluck Cluck! cluck the bottom of the page below the egg. Turrets. Peck....Peck........Who's there...
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    What is wrong with the girl paying for dinner?

    Is there differing opinions here is it ok for the girl to take the guy out and pay for the entire evening?
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    A portrait " The Idea " I can not put an incandescent bulb for thought 2012

    A portrait " The Idea " I can not put an incandescent bulb for thought 2012 The incandescent light. A portrait of a man thinking with the curly bulb over his head instead. If that bulb breaks you have to leave the room for 15 minutes for fear of inhalation of the vapors. Mercury. It...
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    How many of you use the MagicJack? Good Bye Overpriced Phone Company.

    It was so nice to cancell the phone service . Big time. I am saving money. I got a statement closed account owing 0.00. I wanted to frame that one. I have spent thousands on the phone no more! I have used this for over 6 months. No more monthly phone more long distance charges.. no...
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    Can I have a daypass to get out of Jail so I can go to Starbucks for a Coffee?

    When the Doctors tell us he was not himself when he killed his three children. He is medicated now. He only fingerpainted the walls with his childrens blood. Shoenborn the child killer in British Columbia Crown acknowledges he is a danger. He is going to be out on supervised visits? They are...