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  1. Tecumsehsbones

    Anybody Here Familiar With

    Stan Rogers's song "Night Guard?"
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    Nobel Peace Prize

    Hard to believe the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize went to the UN's World Food Programme, and not to Jesus Superman Trump. Clearly a Communist anti-Christian Democratic Kenyan Muslim BLM Antifa Socialist Deep State Hillary Ping-Pong Pizza Martian Child Sex Slave plot! I mean, when did Jesus ever talk...
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    How This Shit Works

    All quotes are from the Twelfth Amendment to the United States Constitution. "The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President" Got that? Nobody hops on his horsie and rides to Washington. The electors (equal to the total number of...
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    Melania Trump

    Has anybody come out to condemn Melania for cursing Christmas? Sean? Tucker? Laura? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
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    Get-Well Wishes for Trump

    Dear Donald, Try drinking some Clorox and shoving a UV lamp up your ass. Hope you feel better soon.
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    Or rather, representative democracy. A republic, in which those in authority are elected by and exercise power on behalf of the people. But what are the people? Certainly in Canada and the U.S., "the people" (eligible voters) was a tiny fraction of the population not long ago. And still is...
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    The U.S. Supreme Court

    Here's a pretty good round-up of the history of politics in the Court. I don't know if this is behind a paywall. If it is, somebody let me know and I'll post the full article. Assuming anybody here reads, that is...
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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    "The Notorious RBG." Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court. 15 March 1933 - 18 September 2020. Rest in peace. There is a sorrow in our hearts.
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    The Sinking of the MAGA Armada

    "And not since Moby Dick have I seen so many boats sent to the depths by a great white wail." -- Alexandra Petri
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    Nfl 2020

    OK, y'all, I'm genuinely, deeply sorry about the CFL's season, and absolutely disgusted at the government's refusal to spring 'em 30 mil, which woulda been a fart in a hurricane except somebody decided to make it a minor culture war. That said, I invite all Canadian Football fans to enjoy the...
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    Soup Terrorists

    Soup is anti-American antifa Communism! Stick to hamberders.
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    Will We Make a Quarter Million By Election Day?

    65 days to go, 187,194 Covid deaths. Average needed to make 250,000 by Election Day: 966 per day.
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    But. . . But. . . Wutabout Obama and H1N1

    Yeah, what about it? April 2009-April 2010 (one year, for those who struggle with calendars): 12,469 deaths from H1N1, the Obama Flu. March-August 2020 (six months, for those who struggle): 184,778 deaths from Covid-19, the Trump Flu. With four days left to go.
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    Say Something Nice About Trump

    I figure it'll take about three posts for this to go horribly wrong, but I'm serious. Surely the most Trump-hatey amongst us can find something he's done that's good. I claim to be more deeply, broadly, and thoughtfully Trump-hatey than anybody else on this board, so I'll go first. . . He...
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    Republican Convention

    Joe Biden quoted Soren Kierkegaard and Seamus Heany in his acceptance speech. Taking bets on whom the crazy fat kid will quote.
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    Blue Lives Matter

    That's why I'm proud to announce the new Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Charles Q. "CQ" Brown. . . . . . and the new Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Joanne Bass. . . Send 'em high into the blue, General, Chief Master Sergeant!
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    Another Fine Trump Supporter Stands Up for Freedom

    When a 17-year-old employee at Sesame Place, a Sesame Street theme park near Philadelphia, spotted two guests without masks last week, the teen asked the man and woman to cover their faces. Instead, the man punched the teen in the face, sending him crashing to the ground and then to the...
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    What's Going On

    President Donald John Trump is attempting to subvert the fundamental principle of democracy "One person, one vote." If you support these efforts, you are an enemy of my country.
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    Birthers Mount Up For Another Charge

    Half a league, half a league, half a league onward. . .
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    Champions Cup

    Quite a match between Atalanta and Paris St.-Germain today. Atalanta went up 1-0 early on, then a whole lot of nothing happened. PSG exploded in the last minute, literally, scoring the tying goal in the 90th minute, then another one in stoppage time. PSG moves on. Remaining matches in the...