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    15, 000 foreign troops to stay, says Afghan president

    (AGI) Kabul, Nov 21 - Afghan President Hamid Karzai said up to 15,000 foreign soldiers could be authorised to stay in Afghanistan after the end of 2014, when the NATO contingent completes its withdrawal, if a draft bilateral agreement with U.S. is approved by the loya jirga, or grand assembly...
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    Night Sky

    Venus after sunset. Venus, the brightest planet, will remain in the evening sky for the rest of 2013. It is a dazzling object, as seen from around the globe. An unobstructed horizon in the direction of sunset is best for observing Venus at dusk and early evening. Southern Hemisphere viewers...
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    Canada To Join Missile Defense

    I've warned Canadians not to get any closer to the USA. But you folks just won't listen. Now Canada has decided to merge itself further into the American Empire. Read it and weep for who you folks once were. OTTAWA — Canadian military officials are trying to revive a plan to install a...
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    US To Give Military Aid To Syrian Rebels

    Think of Uncle Sam as Sisyphus. First Afghanistan, then Iraq, then escalation in Afghanistan, now war in Syria. President Obama has decided to give weapons to Syrian rebels. What could go wrong? This will turn out badly for Uncle Sam. He will be defeated by the Russian/Iranian coalition imo...
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    Do you folks realize how unique the Canadian/American relationship is? Do you realize how lucky we are to be side by side? This is extraordinary good luck for both countries. I wonder if Canadians realize what a reservoir of good feelings there are for them in America? As someone with...
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    Obama's Drones Target First Responders In Pakistan

    The tactic is called "Double Tap" and involves an initial drone strike against a target in Pakistan. When first responders and other rescuers attempt to pull people out of the wreckage a second drone attacks them. This is a war crime and falls within the definition of international terrorism. It...
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    British Royalty On Vacation In America

    His mother would have been so very proud:
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    Exotic School Bond Financing

    Have you ever seen a shark take a seal. It's an amazing sight. Something like that is beginning to happen in some public school districts in California. School administrators and the unions are taking the future in order to nourish the present. The schools along the California coast and most of...
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    China Tells Obama To Shut Up

    How's this for smart diplomacy? Obama is causing the deterioration of Sino-American relations. Beijing tells US to 'shut up' over South China Sea tensions - Telegraph
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    Great People In History

    I think Captain James Cook must be considered one of the greatest men in history. His three voyages of exploration and discovery expanded human knowledge of geography, biology, botany, astronomy, cartography, and navigation. His seamanship, surveying, physical courage and leadership were...
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    Check This Out

    I know that Canadian men aren't interested in good looking women generally, but for the few who do care I thought the story of Voula Papachristou and her attitude toward immigrants might be of interest. Greek athlete expelled from Olympics for ‘racist’ tweet | Olympics Blog | an blog
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    China And Canadian Energy

    What's up with the sale of Nexen to CNOOC? You know that China doesn't love you like your Uncle Sam.
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    Barack Obama Militarizes Space

    The Hero of the International Left has struck again. Barack Obama has transformed himself into Buck Rogers, 25th Century Warrior. America is broke, but the Hero of the Left is seizing the "high ground." Is this not pleasing to the International Left? Here's what I'm talking about, the X-37b...
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    The History of America's Future

    Insight is a precious thing. We have so much to learn from each other. What appears below was written about 15 years ago during the era of Bill Clinton when very few could have imagined such events coming to pass. The quoted material is from Generations: The History Of America's Future. The...
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    There's No Future For Renewable Energy In America

    Renewable energy has no future in America because of regulatory overreach and environmental litigation. The Calico Solar Project in California's Imperial Valley would power more than 150,000 homes. But it will never be built. Here's the regulatory history: Calico Solar Power Project...
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    How Will The World Change...

    ...If Iran Develops Nuclear Weapons? This is an intellectual exercise for those who can think several steps ahead. Assume for the sake of argument that Iran does develop nuclear weapons and does continue to develop ever greater ballistic missile capabilities? How will the world change in such...