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    Just thinking about how it was a pandemic that created the need to get the serum to Nome that ended up becoming commercialized into the Iditarod Dog Sled race. Hearing there are plans for a Summit Quest from Fairbanks to Circle which will be nice for the dogs to have a chance to run. Might be a...
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    Was told that ginseng grown for 7 years has different beneficial properties from ginseng grown only two years. Research was related to developing a cold weather energy source for military applications. Never amounted to anything in Canada but became a popular energy bar in Korea circa 1990...
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    The Devil is a tricky Bugger

    Master of disguise and walks amongst us without notice. 99% do not consider the possibility. Superficiality is the only trademark.
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    Liberal Broadband Investment

    J.T. tossing $750 million to increase high speed wireless services for remote communities. Curious if this means he/we pay for the infrastructure that allows Internet service providers to access more $90/month customers. Public access to media that was once a free service is no longer free.
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    Handy and Useful Tips

    If they don't find you handsome.... Fall weather is here in the great NW and with the cooler evenings some might be thinking of having a fire to warm things up. Just thought it might be an idea to remind people how quickly things can go astray and to be safe. Always be careful with fire, fill...
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    RCMP Horse Auction

    Check it out on Under livestock. Beautiful horses and frozen sperm as well in case you are not quite ready for the horse. Very unlikely someone living in your area would have a nicer...
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    Body Positive Role Models

    Just caught Katy Simpson reporting from Washington and noticed she has done a complete body make over. Like all women it will only be temporary but still. She got the job in the first place as a role model for larger people then the next thing you know she drops sixty pounds. What message does...
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    Public Education in 2020

    Not seeing anyone talking about the school system. Maybe it's just me. Doug Ford mentioned public education is costing the Province of Ontario $25 billion annually. Even if Ontario is the biggest spender the industry is likely $100 billion nationwide. It's a lot of money. Is it well spent...