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  1. TheShadow

    Most embarrassing thing on a video conference?

    With covid causing more video conferences, I wondered does anyone have any good stories about video conferences gone wrong?
  2. TheShadow

    28 days later...

    Day one of the lock down. It's been about an hour and a half so far. It's cold out and lots of snow. I'm going to have a nap.
  3. TheShadow

    I got to use my snow blower today!

    YAY me!
  4. TheShadow

    Lockdown starts Dec 25th...

  5. TheShadow

    UFC 256 Predictions!

    Not a great card in my opinion but always fun to watch the sport. I'll throw up the bouts and people can give their predictions.
  6. TheShadow

    I sail on Lake Huron...

    Well, I didn't sail much this year due to covid but I hope to change that next summer. Any other Great Lakes Sailors?
  7. TheShadow

    10,000 chin ups in 365 days

    So I started this challenge last week. I'm on day three. It balances out to about 28 a day for a year. My arms are killing me already.
  8. TheShadow

    Does anyone do the "Polar Dip"

    A buddy of mine when swimming in the Great Lakes today. It was hilarious to watch. Anyone else Polar Dip?
  9. TheShadow

    Anyone readying anything fun?

    I just finished re-reading "World War Z" and liked it. Still miffed that the movie was such a mess. The book was great.
  10. TheShadow

    UFC Vegas 15! Predictions?

    The main event was cancelled due to Blaydes having tested positive for covid so the fight vs Derrick Lewis has been cancelled but the rest of the card is continuing. Devin Clark vs. Anthony Smith Josh Parisian vs. Parker Porter Miguel Baeza vs. Takashi Sato Bill Algeo vs. Spike Carlyle Norma...
  11. TheShadow

    Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones jr - Who ya got?

    Jones Jr. who has a career record of 66-9 (47 KOs) weighed-in at 210 pounds Tyson, whose career record stands at 50-6 (44 KOs) tipped the scales at 220.4 pounds.
  12. TheShadow

    Not sure if this is a "science" but it should be...

    I think there should be an exact minimum ratio of "icing to cake" when someone bakes a cake. None of this paper thin icing boolsheet! Change my mind! :)
  13. TheShadow

    Sending positive thoughts to Albertans...

  14. TheShadow

    Maple syrup and pancakes...

    I really love them!
  15. TheShadow

    Should the CBC stop being funded by the gov't?

    I'm of the opinion that CBC needs to have a different funding model than it currently has. Anyone else agree or have ideas how? I do think it's important to have CANCON but I think legal broadcasting laws would take care of that. Thoughts?
  16. TheShadow

    The philosophy of raking leaves...

    ...I will do it again and again until it snows...therefore...I will not be angry about having to rake them...
  17. TheShadow

    Remembrance Day

    I found a few extra poppies I had purchased so I went by a local monument to leave them there pinned to the ground since there were no in-person events where we were. To my happy surprise, the whole garden around the the monument was pinned with poppies and a note left said that someone would...
  18. TheShadow

    "The Order" on Netflix

    Started watching this yesterday. Werewolves, magic, golems, at a university. Kinda fun and a good watch. Warning, it is not taxing on the brain. ;)
  19. TheShadow

    Snow has arrived in SW Ontario

    Just a dusting, but it's here!