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    I need a good Moose recipe

    :P A good friend of mine and me are both from the Thunder Bay area and both big fans of all thinds Moose ( I even had a friend moose at my grandparents old place out in the country, but that's another storie). So when her father gave her about 3lbs of ground moose for x-mas, and didn't have any...
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    What's your favourite comfort food?

    I'm something of a traditionalist when it comes to comfort food. Nothing beats me mothers homemade turkey noodle soup made every thanksgiving and christmas. That and vanilla carmel swirl icecream with pumpkin pie. :thumbup:
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    I need a good Moose recipe

    If you ever get your hands on ground moose meat it makes awsome sloppy joe's! just fry up the moose add garlic and peppet (and onion seasoning if you want) but not to much! then add cans of tomato soup till 'sloppy' and a table spoon of mustard. I love it Also is good are mose burgars, just do...
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    What is your favourite orignal recipe?

    I don't eat much meat and try to avoid farmed meat so this is one of my favorite 1kg ground moose meat 2-3 cans of tomato soup 1-2 tablespoon mustard garlic pepper Fry up moose meat untill all red is gone. While frying add garlic to taste, but don't over do it, it will hurt the tast in the...
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    The wonderful world of OSAP

    I'm not sure how many of you all are students who are getting OSAP, but up untill 1:00pm today I was. And now because of their rules about recieving osap I am no longer a college student. I found out earlier today that they had decided to pull the money I was counting on to survive this year...