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  1. GreenFish66

    What's to Come? What WILL be! ... What The $@#% IS THAT?

    What's to Come? What WILL Be! ... What The $@#% Is That! A Thread For/About the Future!(or about what those from the past, thought the future would be like.) About/ For: Prophets - Visionaries - Futurists or, Whom-ever.   Also For/About: All that is Bizarre, Strange, Paranormal...
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    Too Big To Fail, means others are set up to...Enough is Enough!

    Too Big To Fail, Gov/Biz, Buddy Buddy Partnerships mean, others are set-up for failure. Too Big To Fail, Gov/Biz Buddy Buddy Partnerships have continued to tighten their strangle hold on communities, unabated, for far too long; creating an ever more toxic industrial economy/environment which...
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    Green/Clean Tech. - The Light is Green...The Future Clear!

    Green/Clean Tech. The Light Is Green...The Future Clear! Green/Clean Tech. Is Now; Is The Future! ------------------------------------------------------------------- -Green/Technology...
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    Animals, Androids, and Angels...Aliens! (?)

    Animals, Androids, and Angels ... Aliens! (?) An^3 A Science To Science Fiction / Nature To Super Natural Thread.
  5. GreenFish66

    Animals, Androids, and Angels...Aliens! (?)

    Animals, Androids, and Angels ... Aliens! (?) An^3 A Science To Science Fiction / Nature To Super Natural Thread.
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    Temporary Politicians? ( Government Reform/Election Reform )

    Temporary Politicians?( Government Reform/Election Reform ) Perhaps Politicians should be required to Prove their worth before getting elected to a Full Term.? Suggestion : How about; We create a board of (11?) Honorable Non-Partisan Individuals responsible for selecting Temp-Politicians...
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    So, What's Your Perspectrum Of Canada? About/For Anything Canadian.

    What's Your Perspectrum Of Canada?.... A Thread About/For Anything Canadian... Urban Dictionary: Perspectrum The Urban Word - Perspectrum - The Spectrum of Perception.. " To understand what was going on in the world, Vin needed to imagine the whole perspectrum of humanity." "I don't...
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    Is the Government Addicted to Gambling Revenues?Who's Regulating the Regulators?

    Is the government addicted to gambling revenues?... So Who's regulating the ( Gamin' Gov. )regulators...? It's time for an intervention.. I believe governments are addicted to gambling revenues..It is time government get's outta of the gaming industry..Sell it to big business so it can...
  9. GreenFish66

    Canada's New Motto under Harper Con/Rep. Gov. - " Could be Worse .."

    " Could be Worse... " Marginally beat out; " We do alright, Sometimes " to become Canada's New Motto, under The Harper Con/Rep Gov .;): Truth is ..No matter what the Harper Controlled Media Bias is told to say ..Average Canadians ain't doin' so great.. Harper Gov, Although Masquerading as...
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    Edumedicated-" To Be Highly Medicated on Education"-Education is Medicinal "-

    Edumedicated-" To Be Highly Medicated on Education"-Education is Medicinal "- Edumedicated - " To be get Highly Medicated on Education .." - After all ...Education IS Medicinal ... So Let's Pick a Subject ..Something, Anything , Anyone ..Learn/Research as much as we can about it, in an...
  11. GreenFish66

    Policing Poverty ( Securing Homelessness )

    Policing Poverty ( Securing Homelessness ) Anti-police stance alleged at homeless shelter | Ontario | News | Toronto Sun Cops should be monitoring all Areas .Where needed 1st. $ 12, 000 yr/per person, to house/feed Homeless/Poor. $100,000 yr/per person, to Incarcerate them.(...
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    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Enjoy the Holidays.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Enjoy the Holiday's/Holyday's All... Peace...:)
  13. GreenFish66

    G8/g20 ?

    G8/ G20 Meetings ...What do you think about them? ..Are the really necessary ? Is the 1 billion dollar price tag worth it ? or just Conservative money diversion and Paranoia ?
  14. GreenFish66

    Artistic Expression/The Written Word/Speak Your Mind

    A Thread For ....Artistic Expression ...The Written Word ...To Speak Your Mind...Lyrics, Limericks, Catch phrases, Cool Sayings, Slogans, Quotes, Poetry, Best and worst of, funny to Sad,...Memorable Writtings of all sorts , For Better or Worse, Good or Bad...
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    The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games

    :canada: 2010 Canadian/Vancouver Olympics Links - Enjoy The Games and the Awe Inspiring Beauty of Canada/B.C./ Vancouver ....Have a Great time EH.!.. :canada: -------------------------------------------------------------- Olympic Schedule, Results and Events : Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics...
  16. GreenFish66

    Haiti - Where 's the money going?

    Where's the money going ?.... A thread for news or links that give some Transparentcy/Accountability /Some idea where the money might be going ... Haiti: Where will all the money go? - Haiti earthquake- Where Is Haiti Telethon Money Going?: How Much Did Hope For Haiti Now Raise...
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    Big Brother is watching ,so are "They"

    How far is too far when it comes to officials of "the system" over seeing the "peoples" public/private affairs...? How much power should Big Biz /Big Gov /Boss /Big Brother/They ... have over the peoples public and private lives/affair? Do New internet laws/regulations expand into...
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    1 I on

    1 I on Things of interest I'm keepn' an eye on... ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- GreenFish66 on MySpace Music - Free...
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    .iITt. is, What it is .. ( About/for)

    What is it?. .iITt. is, What It is...   What Was/Is/What Shall it be ?..What will Be ?..What Will iITt. be..?.Past Tense to Future Tense... A Thread For/About the Past , Present and Future.. About/ For ,Prophets,Visionaries,Futurists..Whom ever..   For/About, All that is Bizarre ...
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    Green/Clean Tech

    Green/Clean Tech The High tech / Almost Living /Self sustaining /Building of the future   Imagine what a new Green/Clean Tech City of the future might look like .... I picture Sky scrappers that seem to touch the clouds ..With green rooves and architecture unique to each artists...