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  1. taxslave

    highlighted script

    This morning when I went to CC there are these orange boxes highlighting either where I am typing or around the whole of a post I am reading. Is this something new for CC or a chromebook thing?
  2. taxslave

    Clean Energy Bankruptcy

    This is to make flossy feel good From yesterday's Sun. THe real one not the one in Toronto SunEdison Inc. filed for bankruptcy protection after a two year, US$3.1 billion acquisition binge that drove its debt to unmanageable levels.Starting in 2014, the Missouri based clean-energy giant began...
  3. taxslave


    Can anyone explain in simple terms how to get pics from iphoto and post them in a thread or PM?
  4. taxslave

    Spellcheck on Safari on a Mac

    I use a MacBook with Safari and today my spell check quit working. At least on Canadian Content. As near as I can tell it is activated. Any thoughts? Keep it simple please.
  5. taxslave

    Pc strikes again

    #2 Firehall in Vancouver has a mural on an inside wall that shows the grim raper with a syringe which pretty much describes the Downtown East Side. A lefty activist has got the BC Civil Liberties Union to force them to paint over it because it is offensive to some of the druggies in the area. AS...
  6. taxslave


    With Remembrance day soon approaching we were discussing the significance of poppies. We use them to remind us of those who died to defend our way of life. Yet our armed forces are in Afghanistan destroying poppy fields that are the sole crop that many farmers can grow there. Am I the only one...
  7. taxslave

    American Protectionism

    Currently the US government is subsidizing pulp mills by paying them to burn black liquor, which they have been burning for years anyway. Then there is also the Buy American Act under the guise of economic stimulus which is illegal under NAFTA. How should we retaliate? My suggestion would be to...