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  1. relic

    Wai Young

    I can't sit down now, because I laughed my *** off. This is a prime example of {A} "bitches be crazy" and {B} the quality of harpers lackys. I'm going to try that sometime, lie my *** of then when someone calls me on it, just say "I misspoke" and see how it turn out, seems to work for harpers...
  2. relic

    Fair {????} elections act

    I can't believe that nobody has had a comment on Doogie Hausers "fair elections act". My opinion . What a crock of typical tory ****. I said a long time ago the only way the torys could win again was cheat,well they're stacking the deck. Don't give me any "link" crap,watch the news !
  3. relic

    Anybody #2

    So our bright new cargo planes have counterfieit chips in the instrument panel.The americans warned DND about it when they found said chips in their planes. As per usual the harper gang lied and said nothing to see here,move along folks.Now the jig is up and there's proof they knew,lied and plan...
  4. relic

    anybody ??

    Anybody want to defend that idiot vic toews hair brained idea to stop inmates from spending their own money on pizza ? What's next,bring back the stocks ? I can't say this is the stupisist thing the harper crowd has done,but it's up there .
  5. relic

    What do you think of this

    Canadian Government at work in the House of Commons?? Picture worth a Trillion Words. The earth sings to those who listen. House Minority Leader pictured, standing far right speaks while colleagues play solitaire Monday night as the House convened to vote on a new budget. (AP) The guy...
  6. relic

    Pizza a vegetable

    Now ask my why I think americans are retarded.Who else would pass a law making pizza a vegetable,and to say that to not pass it would be bad for the republic.Who in their right mind would think this is a good idea,in a country where obesity in children is rampant.
  7. relic

    hot to me

    What friggin' country are we in? Heard on the news that a man in Manitoba is charged with child molesting,charged not convicted,the atourny general wants to take his house,because a related crime "might" have been commited there,now this is the best part,even if he is not guilty they can still...
  8. relic

    yahoo problems

    I have pretty basic ability with a computer,I wouldn't even call them skills,but I did manage to get on a number of model railroad forums,all yahoo. Today I tried to get on and nothing yahoo will let me in,says my name/password doesn't exist.Is there any way to re-up or do I have to start over...
  9. relic

    calling all authors

    For long time now, friends and family have been urging me to try an autobiography,and now that I have all this time on my hands,I'm thinking of giving it a go. What I need ,and would deeply appreciate would be a point in the right direction in regards to publishing,and the rules ,like using...
  10. relic

    who's with me ?

    Does any one else think we need,while we have the biggest debt in history,a fleet of fighter jets,bought without tender,while parliment is on vacation ? I think it's a perfect example of steves "I can do waht i want 'cause iggy's a wimp"attitude.
  11. relic

    sign of the times ?

    Parents of a junior hocky player in TO are sueing the coach because their kid didn't make the team.Stuff like this makes me glad I'm a hermit.
  12. relic


    So what do you think of your "leader"now,anybody that would vote for harper or any of his lackys has got serious problems.Me,I'm disgusted! In case you haven't seen the news,harper has run and hid,again,I'd like to hear some arguements for this cowardly display.