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  1. El Barto

    News exposing faults in security

    I am just watching the french news about a report the Provincial Police made after the Ottawa shooting about the security of the provincial parliament. In thirty seconds they practically exposed every weakness for a terrorist to get in and where. This report was probably more to get things...
  2. El Barto

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: PayDay Loans

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: PayDay Loans (10th August 2014 Segment) - YouTube
  3. El Barto

    Piers Morgan final show lecture

    Piers Morgan signs off final show with gun control lecture Posted by Mandy Nagy Saturday, March 29, 2014 at 12:00pm In the last few minutes of the final broadcast of his program at CNN Friday evening, Piers Morgan said goodbye to...
  4. El Barto

    A Hole of the day March 28

    Chris Christie, ******* of the Day for March 27, 2014 by TeaPartyCat () Yesterday Chris Christie released the findings of the investigation into the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, which he said cleared him. Well, sort of. First, this is an investigation run by his people. So...
  5. El Barto

    A hole of the day march 25

    Donald Rumsfeld, ******* of the Day for March 25, 2014 by TeaPartyCat () The Iraq War was a disaster sold on lies. Donald Rumsfeld was front and center on that one. And his arrogance never stopped, no matter how many things he was wrong on: Wrong on weapons of mass destruction Wrong on number...
  6. El Barto

    An anti separatist plan

    With what is going on in Crimea a little light lit in my head.... beautiful plan ... all you retired and pensioned folks just move to Quebec. Out populate the separatist and keep the poles down for those in favor of separatist. Hell even out vote the PQ I think we could take a page in this...
  7. El Barto

    What Makes Pauline Marois Tick?

    A very interesting blog about dear Pauline. It is a we bit out dated. No Dogs or Anglophones: What Makes Pauline Marois Tick?
  8. El Barto

    Income Inequality In America

    New Rule: Income Inequality In America (Real Time with Bill Maher - 2/28/14) - YouTube
  9. El Barto

    Stephen Harpers Broken Promises

    Some of Stephen Harpers Broken Promises What’s your Number? Will you be next? Note this page has not been updated after the 08 Election was called an event that broke another promise and was a fitting end to his first term in office Stephen Harpers Broken Promises...
  10. El Barto

    Why Quebec athletes are leading the way for Canada at Sochi Games

    He brilliantly negotiated the Olympic mogul course on the way to a gold medal, and then freestyle skier Alexandre Bilodeau cut some deft turns on far less familiar ground. When a reporter from Britain pointed out that were Quebec a country, it would be second in the medal count, Mr. Bilodeau...
  11. El Barto

    A dark view of religion and belief from the show True Detectives

    True Detective Views of detective Rustin on religion and beliefs. Episode 3 the locked room 1995 detective Rustin Cohle and detective Martin Hart waiting outside of the tent listening to the sermon of a travelling preacher Rust: “What do you think the average IQ of this group is huh?”...
  12. El Barto

    Reassesment needed

    Reassesment needed. From my point of view we need to review , or renew government and they way it is run. I strongly suggest to add to this ..... separation of state and church ..... and add corporation. Constitutions and government structure were created with the need of that time , yet...
  13. El Barto

    Thankyou Hamilton

    Hamilton donates fire truck to Lac Mégantic - Latest Hamilton news - CBC Hamilton At the moment the keys met his hands, Daniel Gendron, deputy mayor of Lac Mégantic, Quebec, had tears in his eyes. He accepted a surplus ladder fire truck from Hamilton’s fire department with deep gratitude...
  14. El Barto

    Campaign Petition

    I got a flash this morning ...ok ..brain fart.... Any of you sick of the negative campaign ads? How about a petition to all political parties to stop all negative campaigns and to stick to thier party platform in the medias that is printed, televised (ads).... I know there will be this free...
  15. El Barto


    Out of ignorance to the deffinition of the word Libertarian , I came across this . What is Libertarianism? (by Marilee Haylock) Found it so far , very far.... coffee break ....ok back to reading more
  16. El Barto

    Ideas for a new political party

    I have been putting this on the back burner for a while now. My excuse was I was looking for a decent sales pitch, that or basically lazy. The later maybe more true. I am not a salesman :p I would like to see a party where it would actually listen and not go off on thier own re-election agenda...
  17. El Barto

    What makes law legal?

    What makes law legal, or taxes for that matter? I am sorry for being vague here I need to smoke something out in what I am aiming for.
  18. El Barto

    HBO, John Adams dvd

    I picked up this dvd box set . Three dvd's and seven episodes of the life of John Adams. A motivator of the American independance and the second President of the United States. He played a key roll but wasn't much known for it. This is great historical story and very well made to make you feel...
  19. El Barto

    the cost of Atheism

    Atheims, The cost of church property............................ 0$ The salary of the leader ............................. 0$ Expenses going to sermons ........................... 0$ Cost of TV time slot ......................... 0$ Religious accusation...
  20. El Barto

    Obligatory Military service?

    An idea that pooped up in another thread. The pros and cons Seeming we have a small population spread out so thin. Should Military training be an obligation?