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  1. petros

    Grey Cup 2022

    Im not going to the game nor did I attend any festivities which is kind of odd but Im just not excited aboot it. Lots of tickets are available for as little as $90CAD Maybe Ill go in 2031.
  2. petros

    700 Social Housing Units in Regina Are Sitting Empty

    "I'm too good to live there." Regina fourplex that exploded was among 700 vacant low-income units: housing corporation Building was empty to due 'little demand' for social housing in North Central area, says Crown corporation There are currently 700 Regina Housing Authority units sitting...
  3. petros

    WW3? Poland Struck By Russian Missles

    2 civilians dead. NATO Article 4 invoked. More to come.
  4. petros

    Blowed Up Good... Real Good.

    Emergency services in Regina were on the scene of a ‘major explosion’ on Sunday morning. The Regina Fire and Protective Services (RFPS) reported that a major explosion took place in the area of 6th Avenue and Retallack Street on Sunday morning. Regina fire, EMS and police responded to the...
  5. petros

    Regina Pizza

    No, it's not a law firm. Canada Owes Regina Pizza to Four Greek Immigrant Brothers ByRobert Besser November 9, 2022 In North America, the best-known pizzas are without a doubt the pies originating from Chicago and New York. However, in Canada, pizza aficionados have to thank four Greek...
  6. petros

    101 Airborne Deployed to Romanian NATO FOB Its in English The US 101st Airborne Division deployed to Romania This is about 4,700 soldiers who were redeployed to Europe from Kentucky, CBC reports. The division entered Europe for the first time in 80 years. The commander of one of the brigades, Edwin...
  7. petros

    Dear Hollywood: Don’t interfere with Indigenous aspirations

    Dear Hollywood, For many Indigenous people in Canada, the development of natural resources is the path from poverty to prosperity. That’s why we are concerned when distant but well-meaning celebrities use their influence to oppose projects like the Coastal GasLink Pipeline (CGL), which has...
  8. petros

    Tom Mulcair: Pierre Poilievre willing to scrap environmental assessment to please Legault

    Clientelism, in politics, is the art of convincing people to buy your schemes, then having them pay for the purchase with their votes. Pierre Poilièvre is revealing himself to be a skilled practitioner. Forget about principles. They’re for gatekeepers and the “Laurentian Elite”. Over the...
  9. petros

    Pandemic Day? WTF?

    SUMMARY This enactment designates March 11th in each and every year as “Pandemic Observance Day”. Available on the Senate of Canada website at the following address: 1st Session, 44th Parliament, 70-71 Elizabeth II, 2021-2022 SENATE OF CANADA BILL S-209 An Act...
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    Hey Ron, Were Not Number One.

  11. petros

    Blue Jays 22

    Can they go the distance?
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    Asshole in Thailand Kills 38 (mostly children) in Shooting Spree

    38 Killed in Thailand After Gunman Attacks Child-Care Center More than 20 children were among the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in Thailand ever carried out by a lone perpetrator. BANGKOK — A former police officer armed with a handgun and knife attacked a child-care facility in...
  13. petros

    Survey finds only 9 per cent of girls aspire to be prime minister

    9% of prime minister aspire to be girls...but we've got one! OTTAWA - Fewer than one in 10 girls and young women in Canada say they ever aspire to be prime minister, according to a new report, which chalks up the lack of interest in the federal government’s top job largely to concerns about...
  14. petros

    Drax: UK power station owner cuts down primary forests in Canada

    A company that has received billions of pounds in green energy subsidies from UK taxpayers is cutting down environmentally-important forests, a BBC Panorama investigation has found. Drax runs Britain's biggest power station, which burns millions of tonnes of imported wood pellets - which is...
  15. petros

    Indonesia: At least 125 dead in football stadium crush

    October 2, 2022 At least 125 people have died in a crush at an Indonesian football match that has become one of the world's worst stadium disasters. Hundreds were also hurt in aftermath of home team Arema FC's loss to bitter rivals at the overcrowded stadium late on Saturday in Malang, East...
  16. petros

    German Fools Suspect Sabotage Hit Russia’s Nord Stream Gas Pipelines

    Germany Suspects Sabotage Hit Russia’s Nord Stream Gas Pipelines Denmark steps up security after unprecedented damage to links Benchmark European gas prices rise as much as 12% on Germany suspects the Nord Stream gas pipeline system was damaged by an act of sabotage, in what would amount to a...
  17. petros

    Dumbfucks In Belgium To Shut Nuclear Reactor On Friday Amid Energy Crunch

    By Julianne Geiger - Sep 23, 2022, 5:30 PM CDT Belgium announced on Friday that its Doel 3 nuclear reactor will disconnect from the grid and cease operations, even as the country fears blackouts this winter. It is one of four reactors at the Doel plant near the port of Antwerp, and is the first...
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    Vancouver....... Frankie Says Be Prepared

  19. petros

    Why People Are Leaving Canada

    An honest point of view from immigrants.
  20. petros

    Collapse of the Russian Federation

    Are we witnessing a massive transformation of Asia? Thoughts?