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  1. Retired_Can_Soldier

    Well that was entertaining!

    The best president in the history of ever got five people killed when he said, "We will not let them silence your voices. We're not going to let it happen." and a bunch of other shit that riled up his mouth breathing―knuckle dragging―rebel flag waving― grass root supporters and by MAGA they...
  2. Retired_Can_Soldier

    Almost Four Years Later

    Never in my life have I seen such an obtuse, pathological lying, piece of sh!t for president. And 71 million people voted for you. Of the 71 million you gotta wonder how many were actually dumb enough to believe his lies. He has to be the most embattled president of all time. Certainly the...
  3. Retired_Can_Soldier

    My Latest to Audiobook

    Well, I have just seen the last of my four books go to audio book. I think this was the thing I found most fascinating about the whole process. Because inside my head or even your head, should you choose to afford me the space, a voice significant to your interpretation of the written word and...
  4. Retired_Can_Soldier

    WE really need to get rid of this guy

    And if the Forum removed the capitalization of WE, here it is again. WE really need to get rid of this guy. I am of course referring to MVP of strike three in the ethics batter box, none other than Justin Trudeau. But hey, he's real sorry, because, "He (sniff) should have recused himself. And...
  5. Retired_Can_Soldier

    Trudeau Campaigning with Taxpayer Money

    Okay, enough is enough. Prisoners do not need the Canadian Emergency Relief Benefit. People who are between 15 and 18, unless they are living outside the home and have recently become unemployed, don't need the CERB. I have spoke to people I know and they have said they received the CERB without...
  6. Retired_Can_Soldier

    Climate Change may not be a lie but the environmental movement is full of liars.

    Planet of the Humans, produced by a most unlikely candidate, Michael Moore and director Jeff Gibbs. The environmentalist are screaming for this to be taken down, say it is full of misinformation, but is it? Not once does the director deny that climate change exists, but what he does do is expose...
  7. Retired_Can_Soldier

    The Trudeau-Trump Factor

    As the United States slips deeper into a polarized malaise, one has to ask, "What is the appeal of Donald Trump and are the supporters really that misinformed?" I consider myself a conservative, I don't care for the Trudeau government and think they have done much to hurt the country...
  8. Retired_Can_Soldier

    Two new books four total

    They say that in comedy timing is everything. July of last year I published my third book, Highwayman, Book One in the series of the same name. The fourth book, titled FOUR Book 2 in the Highwayman series was released in February and it was gaining some real traction, feeding it's predecessor. I...
  9. Retired_Can_Soldier

    The Apology and Teddy Bear Grief

    I have been watching our PM on his apology circuits and I have to ask myself, "Why? Why is he apologizing?" Justin Trudeau may be guilty of a lot of things, but his government did not cause the injustices that have been inflicted on First Nations or any other demographic that has suffered...
  10. Retired_Can_Soldier

    Trudeau Exposed by His Own Arrogance?

    I've been thinking about this and what I saw tonight was a Prime Minister who had outsmarted himself and is now sitting in checkmate between a Rook and a Queen...
  11. Retired_Can_Soldier

    Imagine if you will. [Play along]

    A time when a president didn't use twitter, when a prime minister actually understood finance and that the money they give away still has to be paid back. FEEL FREE TO ADD A SENTENCE TO THIS POST AND SEE WHAT WE CAN MAKE OF IT.
  12. Retired_Can_Soldier

    Star Politics then and now

    I was just thinking about the investigation headed up by Ken Star who was appointed to investigate the suicide of deputy White House counsel Vince Foster and also Whitewater real estate investments of then president Bill Clinton. Soon, that investigation would morph into an Intern Monica...
  13. Retired_Can_Soldier

    Why is the West supporting Saudia Arabia?

    Think about it. They support terrorism, extremism and oppression. They've beheaded over 8000 people. We don't need their oil nor does the U.S. which is fracking the shit out of America. What tactical importance are they? The only thing they do for the west is buy their arms from us...
  14. Retired_Can_Soldier

    Trump and Canada IMHO

    Any Canadian who supports Trump has got to seriously think about getting some help. Screw the Zombie apocalypse, this man has sinister powers. He is able to suck the brain right out of the skull of anyone who begins to belief his mantra about MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I hate to tell you, but...
  15. Retired_Can_Soldier

    Tarrifs on Steel are for security concerns?

    Has this mental midget lost his ****ing mind. Well, if we in Canada pose a security risk, I guess we're not good enough to support America in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. What a numbfukk this President is! Stupid to the ****ing bone and about as bright as the color black. How can anyone...
  16. Retired_Can_Soldier

    We need a new political party in Canada

    I look at our choices and it's really sort of sad. I'm fiscally conservative, but socially conscious. A centrist party would be good and without the extremes of the others. I would vote for a party that kept religion and social engineering out of its mandate.
  17. Retired_Can_Soldier

    New poll puts Ontario PCs in 'super-majority' territory, NDP as opposition

    I'm thinking people aren't buying Kathleen Wynne's bullshit anymore. The Ontario PCs would win a strong majority if a provincial election was held today, and the NDP would form the Official Opposition, a new poll suggests. Forum Research found...
  18. Retired_Can_Soldier

    Say it isn't so! B.C. Carbon Tax now longer revenue neutral.

    BIG SURPRISE HERE! But but but... People who support something like a carbon tax and trust the government not to dump it into general revenue are gullible at best and plain stupid at worst. This was the plan all along just like the GST. Wake the **** up Canada. How B.C.’s formerly ‘revenue...
  19. Retired_Can_Soldier

    Trudeau on Twitter the Comedy

    If you want a laugh, you should sign up to follow Justin Trudeau's Twitter account. Reading the responding tweets after our brilliant leader tweets something is about 95% negative. Many of them are darkly funny. Other's are hate-filled. In fact you're hard pressed to find a respondent that...
  20. Retired_Can_Soldier

    Oooooh, so it was the Indians who sabotaged the trip?

    And here we thought it was the act of an inept Liberal Government PM says he stands by official who suggested Indian factions sabotaged trip Mike Blanchfield and Joan Bryden, The Canadian Press Published...