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  1. countryboy

    Most Memorable Breakfast

    I know a lot of people who just can't face food first thing in the morning, but I've always had a tremendous appetite as soon as my eyes open. It's probably a holdover from my "farm kid" days, where breakfast was a MEAL. Would anyone care to comment on the best, weirdest, most delicious...
  2. countryboy

    Are You A Musician?

    Are there any amateur (or pro, semi-pro) musicians out there? Interested in chatting about the music you like to play, favourite instruments, etc.? I started playing the guitar when I was 11 yrs. old and have never kicked the habit.
  3. countryboy

    Cheese Please

    What's your favourite cheese? We kept getting on to the subject on another thread (bacon) so maybe we need to bring this one out into the open... I like one called leerdhammer!
  4. countryboy

    State of the Union

    Did anyone watch President Obama's State of the Union address last night? He hasn't lost his oratorical skills. Last night's speech was direct and to the point. Health Care was on the agenda, but he covered a lot of other ground. Comments?
  5. countryboy

    Your favourite food(s)

    We all have some favourite things we like to eat...could be that special snack, sandwich, lunch dish, or full-bore dinner with all the trimmings. (I have more than one as I've always been a bit of a foodie) Care to share that special food thing or things that you just love? It might be a lot...
  6. countryboy

    H1N1 Vaccine - An American Perspective

    Here's an article that appears to be factual, and it claims "Thousands of Americans died from H1N1 even after receiving vaccine shots." Thousands of Americans died from H1N1 even after receiving vaccine shots
  7. countryboy

    Should canada have high-speed rail?

    The subject of a high-speed rail system for Canada has popped up in another thread. I think it started during a discussion of current airport security issues. It's an interesting thought. Other parts of the world have had good and safe high-speed rail systems for a long time. The one in...
  8. countryboy

    New drug for people who are healthy!

    Here's a news item from to the U.S. but we'll likely see it on TV up here... (NaturalNews) Big Pharma has been trending this direction for a long time: marketing medicines to people who don't need them and who have nothing wrong with their health. It's all part of...
  9. countryboy

    Where is canada going?

    We hear a lot from ourselves about how wonderful Canada is, and how many nice people we have, what a nice place we have here, and so on...all very good and much of it likely true. But, do we know where we're going as we forge ahead into the future? As a country, do we have a plan to sustain...
  10. countryboy

    OUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM – Does It Need Fixing?

    We all likely have an opinion on our beloved (?) Health Care System, and it appears to be rising up in the public eye as the U.S. considers it's next move on the subject. What's your opinion on our system? Is it good? Not so good? Need improvement? Does anyone have any ideas on what should be...
  11. countryboy

    What's the funniest/strangest experience you've ever had in a restaurant?

    We Canadians are dining out more than ever before, and we certainly have a wide variety of restaurants across this great land. Have you ever had a strange/unusual/funny experience in a restaurant? Could involve the food, the service, other guests, anything. Care to share?
  12. countryboy

    Customer Service Sometimes Sucks!

    We Canadians generally feel that we're pretty nice people. We pride ourselves on being a great place to live, work, and raise our children. However, life in Canada not always perfect. At least, not all the time. There is one area of our lives that could stand a bit of improvement, and that is...
  13. countryboy


    Many people have an opinion on politicians these days, with a lot of focus on what's wrong with them. I'm wondering if it's possible to come up with a list of qualities that would make the “perfect politician?” What kind of background, work experience, personal characteristics, and whatever...
  14. countryboy

    Canadianisms - Unique Words & Expressions

    One of the things that makes Canada an interesting place is its wide variety of just about everything, including unique words and expressions that exist in different parts of this vast land. Does anyone know of any of some words/expressions that set our version of English apart from the one...
  15. countryboy

    FARMING & FOOD – Is it all fouled up?

    Farming in Canada has undergone a whack of changes over the past few decades. Small family-run farms have been disappearing for a long time, replaced by larger operations all the way up to so-called factory farms. Higher efficiency - increasing the ability to produce a lot of food at the lowest...
  16. countryboy

    What Do You Love About Canada? (And What Don't You Love?)

    We all live in this big, wonderful, and sometimes confusing country called Canada, and we all have different likes and dislikes (things we'd like to change) about it. This 2 part poll is simple - 1. What is the BEST thing about living in Canada? 2. What is the WORST thing about living in...