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    Nova Scotia lobster war

    Nova Scotia lobster fishers are turning violent in protest over an early opening for native fishers based on a 20 year old supreme court decision. They are publicly assaulting native leaders and have burned down a packing plant that dared to do business with the natives. They set fire to a...
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    Re John A Macdonald

    Two years ago in Victoria John A. Macdonald statue removed from Victoria City Hall...
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    Bill Morneau resigns Morneau is out The federal separatists have wrought a mighty victory. Not sure who takes over in finance,but what matters is that a minuscule political gain has been had.
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    It's Kamala

    Biden picks Kamala Harris as his running mate. I don't really see that there was much choice. I think Mike Pence just shit his pants.
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    Redskins to change their name.

    Probably the most public example of American racism is ending its long run. The Washington franchise is finally going to ditch the "redskins" name for an as yet to be announced replacement. It seems like a no brainer but the NFL is probably the best example of plantation culture and getting rich...
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    Singh expelled from parliament

    For calling a bloc mp a racist because the bloc shot down his plan for dealing with systemic racism in the RCMP and refusing to apologize. The bloc says there is already an investigation into racism in the RCMP and they want to wait until the verdict is in. Hoid says that Quebecers are the...
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    Armed Forces Cyclone lost off Greece

    6 souls on board.
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    Hulk Hogan praises Jesus

    The Immortal One Hulks out on covid19 “Word up, can you handle the truth my brother only love HH,” wrote Hogan, who has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. “In three short months, just like He did with the plagues of Egypt, God has taken away everything we worship. “God said, ‘you want to...
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    Bernie's quits

    The only socialist is out of the race as the American government pours trillions of dollars into the economy. Can't have a socialist in America.
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    'EXTINCTION CRISIS': Nature in worst shape in human history, UN report says

    And I thought Pokey was the brains.
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    Teck oilsands mine.

    Another strange chapter opening in Alberta where they are awaiting federal approval for a new $20 billion oilsands mine. In a province which lacks the infrastructure to move the oil they already have. In a province that already has production cuts to help inflate the price of their oil WTF...
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    Re Canadians in Wuhan

    I'm no immunologist but here's an idea: how about all the Canadians in Wuhan maybe just stay there until we find out if the entire human race is going to be wiped out by some super bug.
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    Armed Forces off to fight fires

    Canadian Forces sending plane, crew to help fight Australia wildfires Mission is to transport fire retardant, free up airlift capacity and take images of fires...
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    Kobe Bryant dead Seems to be real news. Basketball legend dead in helicopter crash.
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    300 soldiers heading to NL

    Canadian military sending upwards of 300 "soldiers" to NL to help in the emergency. Meanwhile there are 500 Canadian soldiers in Iraq doing absolutely nothing for Canadians. What a waste of precious manpower.
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    BMO does not like indians What a strange story in Vancouver as a...
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    Ukraine Flight 752 "Crash" killing 176 innocent people

    all souls on board lost - including 63 Canadians- as boeing 737 (800) crashes after takeoff from Tehran. Amazingly not a word being said about whether it was blown up or shot down - because the...
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    105.6 degrees

    It's funny how I revert to imperial measures for natural measurements like speed and temperature and rainfall. Average national daily max temperature in Australia was 105.6. That's for the entire country (continent?)They set a record and they might beat it today. They have also endured a year of...
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    Kenney elected on a lie

    During the provincial election, and on many occasions since, the government of Premier Jason Kenney has claimed the NDP government's carbon tax damaged Alberta's economy. That claim is false, according to economic modelling contained in the Kenney government's own legal documents. "I think...
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    Multiple fatalities in Gabriola plane crash About 630 a small plane crashed on Gabriola Island. They are reporting multiple fatalities.