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  1. damngrumpy

    2/3rds of Canada's Hydro now comes from renewables

    When we make simple blanket statements dealing with complex issues we create more problems in terms of credibility. Yes alternative sources are renewable but in some cases they are supported by alternative energy sources and that is almost whispered when it should be noted and if they are going...
  2. damngrumpy

    China scraps 85 planned coal power plants

    To all those that speak of renewable energy we will need oil for at least a hundred years. No doubt to survive on the planet we need a source of renewable energy however there will be so much increased demand for energy period oil and other resources will be needed. Why do we always have an...
  3. damngrumpy

    Algore Countdown: Final Hours

    The change didn't happen as fast a Al would have liked that does not mean we might not experience problems. The planet is slowly warming up and changing is that because of us or change in a natural sense? We can do what ever we like but I don't think most understand there is nothing going to...
  4. damngrumpy

    Modified ‘Arctic Apple’ stays white as snow

    Well not all growers are happy to grow it in Canada or the USA. We will see how it goes I guess but I won't touch it that's for sure
  5. damngrumpy

    Do You Like Tea? Real Deal Plus Free Shipping !

    I go through about ten or more cups of coffee a day but there are times when I have a cup or two of tea nothing wrong with it
  6. damngrumpy

    The scientific approach

    We are all supernatural and we can see some of the future as from a pattern of behavior All this in the book stuff and god who does nothing but watches from the sidelines. Hell he gets more respect from football players no a days Everything is by chance not faith not science must be chance or a...
  7. damngrumpy

    The scientific approach

    All the great holy books are not really Holy at all. They are written or re-written and most are bent to suit the political interests of those involved and formulated as emotional button pushers for that purpose. None of these books are the works of God either He didn't write a single word...
  8. damngrumpy

    DiCaprio nearly killed by climate change in Calgary

    The stupidity of some Americans can be matched soul by soul by some Canadians. Dicaprio had never heard of this I am surprised, Calgary is famous for this
  9. damngrumpy

    Melting ice caps slowing earth's spin

    The whole article starts with a guy name Dumberry what a way to give an intellectual opinion The earth has probably sped up and slowed down a number of times in its history. Ice caps melted before too Here in Kelowna where I live was in fact under ice 12 to 15 million years ago. If they didn't...
  10. damngrumpy

    Rex Murphy Hits a Home Run

    We will see them come together in five years with unfilled target riding new jets and making more promises this time in the pool to keep coll Me as the overall temperature rises I will buy a bigger air conditioner. I remind people in Kelowna that where we are living was once under 1200 feet of...
  11. damngrumpy

    Shepherd's Pie

    One of the many dishes I have always detested. Haggis is up there with cabbage rolls and a list of other stuff oh and sauerkraut the worst but Shepard's pie is with them
  12. damngrumpy

    Book: “Why does the world exist?”

    Why does the world exist? We are all natures tourists and there has to be some place for us in the universe to play sometimes with tennis rackets and sometimes with guns
  13. damngrumpy

    New Album Savage Steel is released

    As I have mentioned several times I have been working with others on an album of blues and country rock and it was released on line yesterday afternoon. This project featured musicians from six countries and was recorded in Spain using live sessions and dropbox I wrote two songs one entitled...
  14. damngrumpy

    A Few Honest Questions for the Climate Hoaxers?

    First of all NO I do not believe the climate scientists the reason they are in it for the money. David, Gore and the rest like to hear themselves talk. Climate Scientists were claiming an ice age was coming then some time in the mid seventies it changed. We heard Global Warming and all the...
  15. damngrumpy

    Scientists warn the sun will 'go to sleep' in 2030

    I too believe in science I just don't believe those who distort it for their own ends At least this infernal heat wave will end and we will have an abundance of ice. Great idea
  16. damngrumpy

    Climate Change Deniers - Can Anything Change Their Minds

    The climate changes all the time ever heard of the dirty thirties The prairie suffered drought and all that now its California. Climate change has been happening for millions of years and it will continue and then get cold again. Has nothing to do with us humans its a natural occurrence
  17. damngrumpy

    The Pope's leaked climate encyclical

    So let me say if someone like the Pope stands up for the poor the homeless and the voiceless he is a commie. No one should speak for those marginalized? I don't agree with the climate change nonsense but I do like him standing up for those who need a voice
  18. damngrumpy

    FIFA Allegations of Corruption

    No one mentioning how corrupt the sport of Soccer(football Is) This sport appears to be a big phony game including who gets to host it. 14 likely going to end up in the courts. I know wrestling is fake and I don't care for it but it is still better than the most boring game in the world...
  19. damngrumpy

    Alberta Election Trail

    Anyone following the election in Alberta? Very interesting indeed. NDP out front at the moment in two major polls as of today and Tories coming back into second. NDP 38% Tories 30% Wildrose in third. What is of interest is the undecided has dropped to 29%. True NDP is strong mostly in Edmonton...
  20. damngrumpy

    Omnibus Edward Snowden Thread

    We need to keep spies and possible terror attacks in check we do not need a police state bill to do that