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  1. eh1eh

    This is Bananas

    OMFG. Worth the 11:55 just to see the bible personified. Oh dear. I'm still laughing.
  2. eh1eh

    The Reality of Religion

    Yep. The old times are gone. Reality is seeping into religion. At least I hope it is. Not staying quiet seems to equal attack. Poor religious people. They are to be pitied. Too bad I can't say more, I'll just let reality rein supreme.
  3. eh1eh

    Glen Frey?...

    RIP. What can you say?
  4. eh1eh

    Fahmy asks Egypt to restore his citizenship

    What the fukk is wrong with this guy. I think he is a traitor to Canada and should be sent back to where we rescued him from. What a moron. Fahmy asks Egyptian authorities to restore his citizenship |
  5. eh1eh

    Ford Fest 2015

    Looks like it's off to a great start. Maybe Locutus will posts some pics this year too. I hear there are rides. "Hey Sandro, can you hook us up."
  6. eh1eh

    Can You Be Rsponsible for Yourself?

    Can you or are you so weak you need faith to control others actions to compensate for your weakness? :violent3:
  7. eh1eh

    Eclipseses are against a religion

    20 March 2015 at 12:16pm Pupils 'banned from watching solar eclipse' for cultural and religious reasons...
  8. eh1eh

    Emotive Bride

    Life is long. Life is short. Follow your heart. .
  9. eh1eh

    Mike Tyson says "sh1t and f#ck" on live TV

    lol. He supports Ford. But only if he doesn't have cancer. Mike Tyson Goes Crazy on Live Canadian News. - YouTube
  10. eh1eh

    Mysogyny alive and well on the Right

    Hurray for the 1950 misogynist pigs. Misogyny is a trait the all blue meanies seem to possess, even Pete MacKay. Phone friendly link. No mystery as why Belinda isn't around. lol.
  11. eh1eh

    Happy Birthday Iggy Pop

    Hey. Somebody of worth has a birthday today. Source
  12. eh1eh

    USA an oligarchy

    What a stunning revelation. I hope the people get a hold of this early. It could become a real problem.
  13. eh1eh

    Weather. Odd or what?

    Vancouver. Mmmm. Nice comfortable January temps. Wow. Effing great Ya, so like way better that freezing Toronto. So cold there. Or is it? Lol. I'ma lovin' it.
  14. eh1eh

    John Lennon

    Hey. Don't forget this guy. He rocked. A few words.
  15. eh1eh

    Gillard labels Abbott a misogynist

    Well this is a refreshing change. Watch the video. The misogynist (leader of the opposition) starts out very smug and stereotypically mocks the Aussie PM. Five minutes in he has been bombarded by so many documented examples of his own misogyny that it wipes the smug right off his face. I...
  16. eh1eh

    Speed Test

    My interweb connection has been giving me grief today. Slow to load and videos play sporadically. What kind of speed are people getting? That is what I'm getting today. I usually get about 12 or more on downloads. - The Global Broadband Speed Test
  17. eh1eh

    Ford the Bufoon Mayor

    More brain dead bufoonery from Ford. This **** belongs on coaches corner not city hall. Toronto's dingleberry mayor releases $2 graffiti-reporting app - Boing Boing
  18. eh1eh

    Space Shuttle Panorama

    This is cool. Space Shuttle in Extreme Detail: Exclusive New Pictures
  19. eh1eh

    Space Station Sightings.

    If you care to see the ISS go over your town you can check for sighting opportunities here. NASA And live tracking here. NASA It's going over Southern Ontario tonight and the sky is clear.
  20. eh1eh

    Flying Car - PAL-V

    It really works. All I can say is, 'You're late'. I was supposed to have one of these years ago. According to futurists from my childhood...