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  1. carpenter dave

    i hate the recession

    I dont know how bad Canada has been hit by the recession but England has been hit pretty bad ,especially in the construction industry .Many building sites have come to a standstill with houses half built and many sites havent even got off the ground . Other industries have been hit pretty hard...
  2. carpenter dave

    saskatoon whats it like

    i know im picking your brains people but im sat here thousands of miles away ,weve had a look at saskatoon and the area looks nice .we have 2 daughters 14 and 15 ,can anyone tell me what the schools are like and is the area as nice as it looks.hows the employment for carpenters ,and do people...
  3. carpenter dave

    can anybody advise re the best areas to live in alberta and how are the schools/colle

    if were successful in our move wede like to know the best areas to live and hows the education am i right in thinking the kids go to school until their 18
  4. carpenter dave

    advice for english carpenter wanting to move to edmonton

    hi im a new member, myself and my family are looking to move to edmonton ,im a carpenter from england .weve heard edmotons a nice place and the people are there plenty of work out there,whats the chance of employment:lol: