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  1. Jay

    Minority government in Quebec And Charest might lose his seat.... ADQ doing well.
  2. Jay

    An Open Letter to the World from the Jews
  3. Jay

    Russian Roulette
  4. Jay

    Canadian Tire Scam

    Hey just a quick heads up! A "heads up" for you and any of your friends who may be regular Canadian Tire customers. Over the last month I became the victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get hardware supplies has turned out to be quite traumatic. Don't be naive...
  5. Jay

    Making the Killer into the Victim
  6. Jay

    Does The Pope Speak For Us All?
  7. Jay

    Globe poll on healthcare Do you agree that private clinics are a useful adjunct to Canada's health-care system? Yes (63%) 8262 votes No (37%) 4819 votes Total votes: 13081
  8. Jay

    Dinning Alone

    Try 3 or 4 of them...
  9. Jay

    TVO : The Interview: Mike Harris Monday November 20 2006
  10. Jay

    The Looney Left and the case of the missing Beavers. Biting words for university at beaver memorial
  11. Jay

    FLQ letter threatens new attacks
  12. Jay

    Land Rights And Responsibilities Act, 2006 An interesting read on Bill 57, "An Act to amend the Expropriations Act and the Human Rights Code with respect to land rights and responsibilities". I do believe the motion failed because of the Liberal's...
  13. Jay

    Lobsters Aren't Food

    The best seafood I ever had was in Connecticut....strange as that might sound. :wink: Scallops are amongst my favorites.
  14. Jay

    Iran Azeris protest over cartoon I see we have resorted to our favorite pastime again...rioting and burning buildings down.
  15. Jay

    Lobsters Aren't Food

    I love both.... I'm known to eat the whole can of smoked oysters all by my self. :)
  16. Jay

    Human Ancestors May Have Interbred With Chimpanzees And even later than you might imagine....
  17. Jay

    Watson supports prohibition around children in private cars That's OK cause I personally would support a bill to ban Liberals out of the public arena....I tend to be more draconian, in that I would like to see greater limitations placed (on Liberals)...
  18. Jay

    Tool time can be an intense experience

    New album!10,000 Days. Live in Toronto, but I didn't get to see it.
  19. Jay

    What is your favourite orignal recipe?

    Chicken in the Basket
  20. Jay

    Dinning Alone

    I hope you have fun on your trip!