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  1. Tonington

    Class action lawsuit over, Canadians eligible for minimum $20

    Canadians can claim refund for overpriced electronics after class action suit - National | Canadian consumers who bought electronics between April 1,1999 and June 30, 2002 are eligible to get at least $20 back following several class action lawsuits against the manufacturers of...
  2. Tonington

    New evidence linking Saudi Arabia with 9/11 and other attacks

    Hmm, with friends like that... Saudi Arabia Aided 9/11 Hijackers, Lawyers Claim Nuke 'em Rico.?
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    Ride sharing service fires some of their staff...

    And the employees learn of their pink slips via email...written in Comic sans font type. A third party HR firm named ZeroChaos handled the terminations. Uber Fired 15 People in Email Using Comic Sans | | Betabeat There are many unkind ways to end a working relationship, but leave it to Uber to...
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    Target Black Friday deals

    We might expect to see some crazy videos from Target shoppers this year. Highlights include a Samsung Galaxy S5 for $0.01 and a $129.99 40 inch 1080p LED television! Other deals include discounted Xbox One and PS4. Target's Black Friday 2014 deals include $0.01 Samsung Galaxy S5 and discounted...
  5. Tonington

    Animated gif of 10+year flightpath of Rosetta with planned comet landing

    Pretty cool animation, with a few planetary gravity assisted slingshots. The flightpath: Rosetta snaps a selfie with comet in the background: And, the mapping of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: In November, with the comet mapped and five suitable locations discovered, a small probe...
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    Wage theft on the rise in the US

    Employers are being cracked down on by State and Federal regulators more than at any time in the past. In some cases, overtime hours are not being paid out by payroll. In other cases, the employer forced employees to sign blank time sheets so that they could record 'minimal' hours of work...
  7. Tonington

    About to cost $1 per cigarette in Oz

    If you thought the excise taxes here are bad, well it's about to get a lot more expensive to smoke in Australia. Cigarette taxes will jump by a hefty 13.7 per cent on Monday, the second of four outsized increases in as many years. The excise on a pack of 20 will climb from $8.13 to $9.25, an...
  8. Tonington

    Promising AIDS vaccine candidate to go into human trials

    This is pretty ingenious and elegant stuff. Suppress the type of protein expression that the virus requires. A combination of the inactivated virus and a living adjuvant (live bacteria) stimulated a protein of a new class. The new major histocompatability molecule suppresses another which the...
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    Employers can legally lie to employees Let the worker beware: in Texas it is now entirely legal to lie to your staff. A recent decision from the Texas Supreme Court has ruled that at-will employees can't sue their employer for...
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    Bulgarians vandalizing soviet monuments

    :lol: Russia is demanding that Bulgaria try harder to prevent vandalism of Soviet monuments, after yet another monument to Soviet troops in Sofia was spray-painted, ITAR-Tass reported. The Russian Embassy in Bulgaria has issued a note demanding...
  11. Tonington

    Friends don't let friends take selfies...

    ...and a candidate for a Darwin Award. A man died of a gunshot wound while attempting to take a selfie with a gun.
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    West coast madness- couple fined for brown lawn in drought

    California can't stop the crazy. A couple that cut back on watering their lawn to conserve water in drought stricken California, may be fined up to $500 for having a brown lawn. If that wasn't bad enough, the State's new drought measures empower cities to fine citizens up to $500 for watering...
  13. Tonington

    Geologic survey of Mars

    Pretty neat! Sixteen years and four orbiting satellites produced the data for this map. Larger map at the link below. A Beautifully Detailed New Geologic Map of Mars | Science | WIRED
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    Yellowstone melting

    Well, some roads are melting. Parts of the park are being closed off. Extreme heat from surrounding thermal areas has created a hot spot in Yellowstone National Park, melting a portion of a road and...
  15. Tonington

    In drought stricken California, Nestle bottles and sells water CABAZON – Among the windmills and creosote bushes of San Gorgonio Pass, a nondescript beige building stands flanked by water tanks. A sign at the entrance displays the logo of Arrowhead 100%...
  16. Tonington

    Nailed it! Paper airplane from top of stadium hits player

    A million to one shot doc, a million to one. PAPER AIRPLANE launched from TOP of stadium hits player! LMAO [England vs Peru] [RAW FOOTAGE] - YouTube
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    Worst first pitch ever?

    If you folks haven't seen this yet, well the question is right there in the title of this thread. The pitch: 50 Cent Throws The Worst First Pitch In Baseball History - YouTube For comparison, here's an image with some selected first pitches. Kudos to Bush, nice pitch!
  18. Tonington

    Hø̈ø̈ters Hack(ed?)

    Hø̈ø̈ters Says Rape Joke On Its Facebook Page Wasn't Its Fault On Saturday, a rape joke showed up on Hø̈ø̈ters' official Facebook page. The restaurant chain said that it was the result of a hack, yet the photo isn't too far off from the kind of pictures the restaurant usually posts. The...
  19. Tonington

    Website tracks temporary foreign workers

    Businesses Employing Temporary Foreign Workers | NTFW Looks like it may only work in BC and Alberta right now, meh. Found via:Website tracks temporary foreign workers | It's similar to what we've seen elsewhere, with businesses offering more unpaid internships to bus tables and...
  20. Tonington

    Quebec students are being rejected as voters

    Apparently the concern is the interpretation of domicile. Some students who have lived in Quebec for years are being turned away. Students rejected as voters don’t meet ‘domicile’ demands One 'english' student recorded his interaction with the elections commission officials: Montreal Student...