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  1. MissAnnika

    Forget 2012, 2011 is the New Doomsday

    So a friend of mine called and told me about this man she had seen on tv talking about a new doomsday theory. Article taken from Doomsday Is Just Another Day for End-Time Evangelist What would you do if you knew the world was going to end? Family Radio Worldwide evangelist Harold Camping has...
  2. MissAnnika

    What are You Eating?

    Or noming, or snacking, or feasting upon; whatever you wish to call it. I'm currently snacking on Flipz milk chocolate covered pretzels sorry, put this in the wrong category, my bad
  3. MissAnnika

    Any Tips?

    I've recently decided on creating my own web page for people to visit with the works I've created for people to read over for free. For those of you who know of me then you may know that I'm talking about my writing pieces, well, anyway, I want to create a website for that, but I am completely...
  4. MissAnnika

    North Korea Plans on a Missle Attack Towards Hawaii

    TOKYO (AP) — North Korea may fire a long-range ballistic missile toward Hawaii in early July, a Japanese newspaper said Thursday, amid escalating tensions between the communist country and the United States over Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs. The missile, believed to be a long-range...
  5. MissAnnika

    Favorite Writing Style

    Think about your favorite book or author for a moment. Most likely they are your favorite because of the story or the way it is written right? What is it about that book or author's style that you like so much and why?
  6. MissAnnika

    Writers Block? Or Something Else?

    I'm in the middle of writing my first book. I've been working on it for a year now, but I've been having a typical problem for anyone who has ever had to write something, writers block, sound familiar? But, I'm only experiencing this issue during the daylight hours. As soon as the sun has set...
  7. MissAnnika

    Best Star Wars Parody

    This is a must watch for all you star wars fans out there. Watch it and you wont regret it. YouTube - The Emperor Gets a Job - Star Wars
  8. MissAnnika

    Video Game Discussion

    what is your favorite video game of all time and why? for me it would have to be a tie between "Zelda Ocarina of Time" and anyone who's ever played it would know exactly why. I love it so much that I bought a jacket and here I am sporting my love for Zelda. my other favorite game is "Jade...
  9. MissAnnika

    Freaky Dreams

    Anyone ever have a freaky dream that woke you up or made you think? Last night i had a dream of a comet hitting the earth and everyone died. Ever think what these dreams mean? What they say about us, our minds, or who we are? Alot of people say that the unconscious mind knows something the...
  10. MissAnnika

    Let's Make it a MOVIE!!!!

    Name a favorite book, show, or game of yours that you would like to see turned into a movie, unless of course, you fear the media would ruin it....... Personally I would like to see my favorite anime Neo Genesis Evangalion turned into a movie (actually I heard a rumor that some ppl were trying...
  11. MissAnnika

    What Color is YOUR Aura?

    just for fun, take this quiz i made and do tell what u get my aura is purple A purple aura means you have great wisdom, you are reliable, and very sensitive with yourself and those around you. Although at times you may...
  12. MissAnnika

    gas theft auto

    Everyone’s suffering. Parents have to pay double at the pump just to get their kids to school everyday. College students have to smoke less pot in order to have enough money to make it to class so they can’t find a parking spot. Thieves are having to steal twice as much gas just to make a clean...
  13. MissAnnika

    its all about food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    every1 loves food right? what r ur top 5? mine r 1) chocolate:love10: 2) italian 3) japanese 4) greek 5) french in that order (dont b afraid to b more specific, i just love so much food i have to clump it in larger classes)
  14. MissAnnika

    American music

    Perhaps one of the few things good in the world right now is its music. heres a great song by "The Offspring" My friend's got a girlfriend Man he hates that bitch He tells me every day He says "man I really gotta lose my chick In the worst kind of way" She sits on her ass He works his hands...
  15. MissAnnika

    pest control

    so heres a funny thought! over here in Hawaii we have tiny green lizards running around, inside and outside the house. i jump once in a while when i see them, but they dont get into anything, they just climb up and down the walls. my husband tends to sleep with his mouth open so i hope one...
  16. MissAnnika

    Tell me more

    As an adventurer I love to travel, see the world, and learn more. But this site is a way I can find out about different countries and cultures right from my home computer. So please tell me all the interesting things about urselves, I want to learn more! :smile: