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  1. Jinentonix

    I Do Believe

    Oh, you're one of those. That explains a lot, :LOL:
  2. Jinentonix

    Omnibus Russia Ukraine crisis

    Dude, if those were front-line Russians soldiers then Russia's neighbours have little to worry about, conventionally at least anyway. I've been watching footage of them and the Ukrainians and the Russian battle doctrine is either horribly pathetic or the troops were piss poorly trained with piss...
  3. Jinentonix

    More than 300 new mines needed to meet electric vehicle demand, says analyst

    In 2018 the World Bank announced, to unsurprisingly little fanfare that we were currently at something like 84% of our mining sustainability. In order to meet the idiotic goal of net-zero by 2050 we will have to push that sustainability to over 100%. The math doesn't work. Never mind that...
  4. Jinentonix

    Pierre Poilievre’s callous courting of Canada’s ‘deplorables’ (left wing in full panic mode)

    Everyone who whines about fascist Hitler and Mussolini. Never hear them cry about Franco who ruled Spain until his death in 1973 or 1974. Think about that a moment. Almost 30 years after the end of WW2 there was still a fascist state in Europe that nobody was warring against. Why not?
  5. Jinentonix

    Alec Baldwin fired shot that killed one, wounded another on film set

    He's not wrong. Just look at the airline industry. How many people have died in plane crashes because the airline cheaped out on maintenance?
  6. Jinentonix

    Pierre Poilievre’s callous courting of Canada’s ‘deplorables’ (left wing in full panic mode)

    Actually she posted that before Harry quoted it. I just found it funny that she insisted Trudeau is not right-wing and then proceeded to post a definition of fascism that describes Trudeau to a "T".
  7. Jinentonix

    Omnibus Russia Ukraine crisis

    My point simply was you don't have to be regular army to be trained to fly combat a/c and operate MBTs. I never suggested that they'd be as effective as regular troops though. And clearly they're not in this case.
  8. Jinentonix

    Pierre Poilievre’s callous courting of Canada’s ‘deplorables’ (left wing in full panic mode)

    Yeah, because spending 3 1/2 years defending yourself against a fake Russian collusion claim makes it super fucking easy to focus on the country, dipshit.
  9. Jinentonix

    Omnibus Russia Ukraine crisis

    I know you're basing your argument in part based on the airforce and armour. You do realize that the US National Guard are also reservists and yet are quite capable of flying modern combat aircraft and operating MBTs, right?
  10. Jinentonix

    Omnibus Russia Ukraine crisis

    Gentlemen, gentlemen. It's a war. Truth is the first casualty. Are you two really gonna get into a dick swinging match over propaganda? I gotta ask you though Petros, is it illegal for Putin to use the regular army without officially declaring war by Russian law or international law? Although...
  11. Jinentonix

    Dumbfucks In Belgium To Shut Nuclear Reactor On Friday Amid Energy Crunch

    Yep, when it comes to the leftists the ends justify the means. Even when it's all based on a lie.
  12. Jinentonix

    Trudeau says he “strongly supports” Iran protests

    It's Tolkien Black. :ROFLMAO:
  13. Jinentonix

    Majority of Conservative voters support defunding the CBC — but not attacks on media

    Or maybe it's because the CBC outright lies and makes shit up while playing right along with the politics of division. Can't wait for the CBC to "report" that Russians and extremist Americans are funding the protests in Iran.
  14. Jinentonix


    Barbara Kay: How StatsCan is contradicting its own data on trans Canadians ( In an effort to raise awareness about Canada’s many diverse groups, Statistics Canada conceived the Disaggregated Data Action Plan, an infographic series whose purpose is to provide “brief, easily understood...