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    Threatening with nuclear weapons once again

    All NATO countries united against Russia and caused its defeat recently in some areas in Ukraine; so Russia announced partial mobilization, and once again started to threaten with nuclear weapons ... the USA said it takes such threats seriously. Therefore, the UE countries are gambling and even...
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    The Funeral of Kings and Queens

    Some points to consider: The funeral is not for boasting or celebrations or gold and diamond, but is an incident to give lesson to man about his inevitable fate: death, and that he will sooner or later die when his body will decay and his soul will go to his Creator to receive his reward or...
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    Vice cities and communities

    Eastern and Western communities live with ungodliness: idolatry: the major crime against God: the Trinity is an obvious violation of the First Commandment in addition to idols erection even in worship places. Western communities have transgressed the bound with their atheism, adultery...
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    The basic teachings of Mohammed's call

    This is clearly seen in soora 11 of the Quran: (1. Alif, Lam, Ra. [These abbreviated initial Arabic letters mean:] Recite To them, O Messenger. A Scripture [: the Quran] whose revelations [or ayat] are [fluently mastered and] perfected [to become a miracle], and then elucidated [in other sites...
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    Blessed Eid to all Muslims

    Muslims in their Eid praise and glorify God Most Gracious for His guidance and their blessings.
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    The early Quran revelations

    The Quran was revealed over a period of 23 years: 13 years in Mecca and 10 years in Medina. The Meccan revelations are earlier than the Medinite. The Quran was written in the lifetime of Prophet Mohammed according to his instructions, but was in sporadic way, Then following the death of the...
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    The weapon control in the USA is mandatory

    The USA constitution was written a long time ago, when America was in much trouble: gangs and internal conflicts, so they gave the right to every citizen to have his gun to protect himself, his family, and his property. This constitution was not the word of God; it was not revealed by God, but...
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    This dream a warning to Zionists of Tel Aviv

    I saw a true dream while sleeping at night: I saw that an animal called the porcupine, having spikes on his body, came then another animal bigger than it; as I remember a tiger or a leopard came and ate the head of the porcupine, so that only its frame remained. This is a warning for the...
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    A call to the tribes of Red Indians

    To worship none but God the Creator, and to discard all the idols and totems. The tribes of Red Indians in Canada and other parts of the American continents.. they are a complete human race which suffered much in their history because of their idolatry. So God set on them the White European man...
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    This marvelous soora 55
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    The Chosen People of God!?

    God chose the Children of Israel, i.e. the progeny of Jacob son of Isaac, son of Abraham: the 'Loyal Friend of God'. Then God chose the family of Imram: Jesus Christ the son of Mary the daughter of Imram; i.e. He chose the Christian nation. Then God chose the Muslim people: they are the sons of...
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    Zionists, out of the Aqsa Mosque; it will lead to your termination

    Every now and then, the Wicked Zionists violate and transgress on God's House of worship: the Aqsa Mosque at Jerusalem.. Don't you, Wicked Zionists of Tel Avi realize that God is going to destroy you completely and will defend its House of worship: the Aqsa Mosque. Don't you see the general...
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    Mentioning or remembering God with glorification and praising

    To mention His glorious names with praise and exaltation is a great worship. To mention Him alone without mentioning others with Him is the devotion to Him alone. To remember God in every instance and situation: seeking His help and praying Him while man stands up, sit down or lie in bed...
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    The prophet-hood and the apostle-hood was in the Children of Israel

    This was known to ancient peoples round about Palestine in the past; the Egyptian, the Babylonian and the Assyrian. These peoples knew the prophets and messengers came from among the Children of Israel. 1- Prophet Joseph son of Jacob was a messenger to the ancient Egyptian at his time... they...
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    Ukraine participated in the invasion of Iraq by Bush

    Certainly, the transgression on civils is a crime; but ((why don't the USA and Europe condemn themselves about much much worse atrocities they did in Iraq)) .. exceedingly more victims and more destruction!? Thousands were killed in Iraq, and everything was destroyed by these democratic people...
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    The conditions for repentance to be accepted

    A friend once said to me; All of us, humans, are sinners.. and "the one without sins, let him be the first to throw the stone" which is the word of Jesus Christ - salam to him. The answer: True: "All of us are sinners." But should not insist on sin, like Satan who insisted on his sin. God...
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    A call to USA and its president Biden

    The present war in Ukraine is dangerous and risky to the entire world, because the parties concerned are the mighty and equipped with very dangerous weapons: the nuclear. Even if the nuclear weapons are not used, the conflict itself has its evil consequences on the entire world. I gave an...
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    Canada, don't bias to one side of the conflict

    Trudeau was called 'our boy' by some Zionists as a matter of non-respect. While now these Zionists try to drag Canada to be against Russia. So while I dislike Russia's program and transgression, I find that I should say this: It is better for Canada to non-align itself with any party of the...
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    A story proving the existence of the soul

    A woman passed a surgical operation in the brain. Her brain and heart stopped. She saw and heard many things in the surgery theater .. in spite of that her eyes and ears were covered.
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    The Universal Creed

    God is the only true god in the entire universe. All other gods are imaginary and the invention of the idolaters. God the Creator is called by many names in different languages, like God in English, Jehovah in Hebrew, Khodah in Persian and Kurdish, ... etc. It implies the slavery to God alone...