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  1. IdRatherBeSkiing

    Gun Control is Completely Useless.

    It simply means that if the RCMP are to take away guns, they have to do it on the federal dime.
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    Religious exemption at Confession

    It is a requirement in Ontario to report it. There is no requirement to provide any further assistance. I do not know if clergy are exempt here. Not being Catholic, is confession not anonymous?
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    Alec Baldwin fired shot that killed one, wounded another on film set

    In most large corporations I have worked for/with I have seen general disregard for a million here or there in big high risk projects yet forms out the ying yang and huge resistance for a requisition for a $3 stapler.
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    Dumbfucks In Belgium To Shut Nuclear Reactor On Friday Amid Energy Crunch

    In reality they probably set the fire.
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    338Canada projects Conservative victory if election held right now (just barely :) )

    It depends on the strength. If they have more seats, they would be the ones who would need help of just 1 opposition party to govern. And wouldn't always need to be the same one. Like Harper did for 8 years prior to his majority. Currently the Liberals have the most seats and can be propped up...
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    It's Climate Change I tell'ya!! IT'S CLIMATE CHANGE!!

    I don't know comparisons but the Maritimes have been hit with several storms. Due to the way they classify them when they leave tropical waters, they usually don't have the moniker Hurricane when they hit (just likes Fiona) even though they have wind speeds greater than what classifies a...
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    Trudeau says he “strongly supports” Iran protests

    But no social distancing. Looking at the pic again, there is one guest protester and I think everybody else aside from the photo op threesome is security.
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    What will change in Canada with the accession of King Charles?

    This solves the ear problem. That is a really bizzare fact I did not know before.
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    Alec Baldwin fired shot that killed one, wounded another on film set

    It's probably something automatic just bureaucratic that is just highlighted due to the people involved here.
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    Marit Stiles first to enter Ontario NDP leadership race

    Most of the stuff she attributes to Ford should be pointed at TrueDope/Singh.
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    What if she was really a she and had those augmented or a strap on like this person's(assumption I didn't read the whole article)? Is that appropriate for a classroom? To me the issue is these are fake and therefore a choice regardless of whom is wearing them. Granted this is a story because...
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    Immigrants sent to Mass. from Florida, on taxpayer dime

    They should have build a wall and have the Guatemalans pay for it.
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    'Drunk' Canadian PM Trudeau is slammed as a 'tone deaf embarrassment' for singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody before Elizabeth II's state funeral

    As a person, yes people who are morning sometimes go to a bar and sometimes let off steam. Nothing wrong with that. However, when the person is holding public office, the rules are different. Particularly if the event is public where you know someone will have a cellphone.
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    Queen Elizabeth

    No commercials! I have the video on, listening to the radio as I do in the mornings. They are playing "Staying Alive". Kind of ironic given what is on TV. I have it on the Lisa LaFlame channel (CITY-TV).
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    2022 CFL Season

    I wound up seeing Winnipeg @ Hamilton on Saturday. A mutual friend of my son and I wanted to do that game. He wound up cancelling. Not a fan of Hamilton the team, city or their stadium. Who builds a stadium without public parking or access to real public transportation? I didn't really like...
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    Queen Elizabeth

    He bypassed the 30 hour queue?
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    Majority of Canadians have now caught COVID — so what does that mean for the future?

    A lot of Caribbean countries have dropped their mandates .... for fully vaccinated travelers. I think the only restriction left for vaccinated travelers in Canada is that stupid ArriveCAN app.
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    The Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus

    It's on the internet, it must be true! I love the reporters that use Twitter as source information to their story. Laziness to a new level.
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    The Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus

    Intelectual laziness in the most part. Most reporters have some sort of Journalism major which doesn't teach them much on any subject. They approach as story knowing little. They listen until they think they understand and then they consider themselves experts and make a report. Unfortunately in...