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    5 years of Bush

    Various American commentators - from left and right - offer their verdicts on 5 years of Bush: The Guardian, Tuesday December 13, 2005
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    Explosions at U.K. oil depot.
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    The new theory of I.D.

    An interview with - and a song from - Don Wise, the creator of the theory of incompetent design.
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    al Qaeda/Iraq links 'sourced from rendition detainee'

    More on 'rendition detainees' - It's 'news', though there's nothing 'new' about it. The Guardian, Friday December 9, 2005
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    Mercenaries targeting civilians in Iraq?

    How to win friends and influence people? The following link contains a video clip which seems to show private security contractors shooting at Iraqi civilians from a moving vehicle. There are over 25,000 such contractors in Iraq - they are immune from prosecution under Iraqi law. link
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    UK law lords reject use of torture evidence

    The Guardian, Thursday December 8, 2005
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    Bright Eyes on the Tonight Show

    Bright Eyes: When The President Talks to God
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    Reform leader slams U.S. religious right.
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    Man cures himself of HIV

    Fascinating news, if it's true.
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    Bill O'Reilly invites terrorists to blow up SF

    This man is off his trolley. It seems O'Reilly is upset about about San Francisco proposition discouraging public schools from allowing military "predatory recruiting" on campus. On his national radio show Tuesday, he said San Francisco should not get a nickel of federal funds. He then invited...
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    Everton come to Canada

    I'm sure this news has filled you all with immense glee. Either that or you couldn't give two hoots. Well, I find it interesting, anyway. :D COYB!
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    War Poets

    Some of the most poignant poetry in the English language was written in the trenches of the First World war - much of it anonymously, the words scribbled on scraps of paper or cigarette packets found on the bodies of nameless soldiers. I thought today would be a good day to post some of them...
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    Uk gov't loses terror law vote

    A rare victory for British democracy - no internment here8) (for now, at least). Blair loses terror law vote
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    U.S. public opinion: who to invade next?

    This is so good it deserves it's own thread: U.S. public opinion: who shall we invade next? :lol: The dumb feckers are sticking pins in Australia! :lol: "You have to laugh, or else you'd cry".
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    Hey, Rev ...

    I don't know how far behind with this the UK is, but the curent Doonesbury, with Zonker working in the fast food restaraunt is just too feckin' funny! :lol: [/URL][/img] Incidentally - the paper I read it in - The Guardian - was reformatted a short while ago; one of the changes they...
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    Saturday is Catholic-burning day in the UK.

    I bet that got your attention. :wink: "Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot. we see no reason why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot." You've had your Hallowe'en bash, now it's our turn to celebrate the macabre; This week sees "Guy Fawkes Night" or, more...
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    The Global Attack on Rights

    From New Internationalist magazine ( a good read, for those who aren't familiar with it). 8) (I've posted the whole article, as there is no direct link available)
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    Tony Blair on climate change.

    Tony Blair's article on climate change, from yesterday's Observer. He doesn't really say much, as you'd expect from a professional politician, but he does at least admit that the issue exists.
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    Remember this: 100,000 Iraqi civilian deaths?

    I'm sure this was posted and widely discussed last year but, as we don't seem to be getting any new figures to go on, I thought I'd post it again: A scientific study - published last year in The Lancet, a highly renowned medical journal - on post-war mortality rates in Iraq...
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    Pentagon counts Iraqi dead ...

    ... but only some of them, unsurprisingly.