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  1. Tecumsehsbones

    Another Humourous Story

    Hurricane Fiona battered Puerto Rico on Sunday, cutting power to the entire island while bringing destructive winds and life-threatening flash flooding. Conditions rapidly deteriorated even before the Category 1 storm made landfall Sunday afternoon, and the situation was not expected to improve...
  2. Tecumsehsbones

    I Do Believe

    I shall wander up Canada-wards. The seasons at the Shaw Festival and Stratford look pretty good, and my lady is a big theatre fan. And now that the Twucktards have slunk off to wherever-the-hell they crawled out of. . . Maybe I can catch an Argos game.
  3. Tecumsehsbones

    Bundesliga 2022

  4. Tecumsehsbones

    The Next Bond Should Be

    Canadian. Why not? They've had an Englishman, a Scot, a Welshman, and an Irishman. Ireland's not even part of the Commonwealth!
  5. Tecumsehsbones

    So, Finally Saw Top Gun: Maverick

    It coulda been more unrealistic. There coulda been Klingons.
  6. Tecumsehsbones

    Oh Canada. . . Snipers

    OK, sorry if it offends your natural Canadian modesty, but your snipers are the best, bar none, in the world. As an American, I don't understand why it comes out that way. We have ten times your population, and like you, we have a hunting tradition that includes long shots. Against smaller...
  7. Tecumsehsbones

    PM Sell-by Dates

    Question for y'all living in countries with parliamentary systems. What makes people choose to oust a popular PM? Not talking about True Dope, but one with consistently high ratings. In the post-WWII era, three out of nine German chancellors (their PMs) have had stays in the neighbourhood of...
  8. Tecumsehsbones

    The Battle of Moron-Lardo

    FBI 1, MAGA! 0. Gunman killed after trying to breach FBI office in Ohio, authorities say By Meryl Kornfield, Spencer S. Hsu and James Bikales Updated August 11, 2022 An armed man wearing body armor tried to breach the FBI’s Cincinnati field office Thursday, sparking an hours-long standoff...
  9. Tecumsehsbones

    Checklist. . .

    OK, now that people are whining about James Franco playing Castro in the new movie. . . (Pause for mandatory, tedious Justin-Trudeau-is-the-bastard-son-of-Fidel-Castro bleats) new checklist for acceptable actors. . . 1. Age - within 5 years of the age of the character in the time the movie...
  10. Tecumsehsbones

    Alex Jones

    45.2 million in punitive damages.
  11. Tecumsehsbones

    Gas Prices

    We're down about 70 cents a gallon (20 cents a liter or so) from the peak. How bout y'all?
  12. Tecumsehsbones

    Gun Safety Laws

    Here's my proposal. A stand-alone law saying exactly one thing. . . No firearms may be imported for commercial sale in the United States from any other country. 1. Congress clearly has the power to pass such a law under the Commerce Clause (U.S. Const., Art. I, sec. 8, cl. 3). 2. Say right...
  13. Tecumsehsbones

    What Is A Woman?

    Apparently, rightards think that women can get pregnant (many can't). But here's a couple of things we do know about women, based on rightards hysteria about the words "man" and "woman," and their screeching meltdowns about pronouns. . . 1. Women are not equal, and have no God-given rights...
  14. Tecumsehsbones

    Nobel Prize

    We need a Nobel Prize for swivel-eyed lunacy.
  15. Tecumsehsbones

    British PM Choice. . .

    Big Truss!
  16. Tecumsehsbones

    English Canada/French Canada

    I'm reading a book by a Canadian author (who knew there were Canadian authors?), obviously pretty TO liberal, who says (as one of his characters). . . "Leave and go where? You can't move Quebec, you know. Separatism is dead -- it's like being a Leafs fan: It's something you do for fun, not...
  17. Tecumsehsbones

    Red-Card Rooney the New Head Coach of DC United

    Well, that should help.
  18. Tecumsehsbones

    Elon Musk files to pull out of Twitter deal

    Oh, well. Guess the rightards'll have to find another Real Man to fantasize being buggered by. . . Premature Withdrawal
  19. Tecumsehsbones

    Omnibus: America’s July 4 shootings

    Well, seems kinda appropriate. Breaking News
  20. Tecumsehsbones

    In The News. . .

    Jane Fonda is taking on Big Oil's political allies Good. I'm sure Big Oil needed a good laugh.