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  1. TenPenny

    I am 'blessed'

    Not sure that 'blessed' is the right word, because I'm totally non religious, but on the other hand, I go to church on Christmas Eve, because that's what we do. So let's use blessed. Or blesse, the French word for injured, if you like. I live in Canada, in a place where we have almost no...
  2. TenPenny

    Is it okay to kayo?

    Is it okay to kayo? What about if you're not at a hockey game (or a hokay game)? What about mayo?
  3. TenPenny

    Is it ok to be ok?

    Is being ok acceptable?
  4. TenPenny

    RIP Gord Downie

    We all knew it was coming. RIP man.
  5. TenPenny

    Invictus Games

    So, yeah. Watching some of the Invictus Games tonight. Let me say, these people have strength that I just can't comprehend. The ability to deal with these injuries is hard to imagine.
  6. TenPenny

    Ford Moving Production to China

    I wonder, when everyone celebrated Ford cancelling construction of a plant in Mexico, did they realize that the plan was to build all Focus for the North American market in China? Is this what the Trumpites were hoping for?
  7. TenPenny

    Bachelor in Paradise shut down

    It appears that two of the contestants on this year's Bachelor in Paradise got drunk, and started doing 'soft core porn' in the pool, which led to the show being shut down and cancelled. It appears that the woman in question was 'too drunk to give consent', and a producer who saw it called a...
  8. TenPenny

    US Drops 11 ton bomb on Afghanistan

    It will be interesting to see what comes out of this one, the US dropped an 11-ton bomb on some tunnels used by ISIS in Afghanistan today.
  9. TenPenny

    O'Leary Joins Race, no surprise

    So, yeah, Kevin O'Leary waited until the morning after the French debate, to jump into the race to lead the Conservative Party. Because, apparently, he's a scared little boy.
  10. TenPenny

    Tampons Should Be Free

    I can't even begin to understand the thinking behind this: College students are demanding free tampons on campus
  11. TenPenny

    Harper Stepping Down

    Looks like Harper is going to quit being an MP, and be a corporate director instead.
  12. TenPenny

    Happy Birthday to Canada's Oldest City

    Saint John, NB, incorporated 231 years ago today. Canada's first incorporated city.
  13. TenPenny

    Budweiser Renames Beer to 'America'

    So, in a blast of amazing marketing skill, they're replaced the name 'Budweiser' with 'America' on the labels, and replaced the 'AB' with 'US', and put text from the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner on it. I'm waiting to laugh at the inevitable storm of hilarious comments...
  14. TenPenny

    RIP Merle Haggard

    I don't want to sober up tonight I don't want to act like things are alright And I don't want to change just to make you think I'm happy That's my right I don't want to sober up tonight
  15. TenPenny

    Good Luck Senators

    Good luck with the rest of the year, now that you've got the Pylon.
  16. TenPenny

    Those Activist Judges

    So, will people complain about how this activist judge disregarded the prosecutors and the defence? Prosecution sought 45 years, the judge gave her 99. More here: 99 years in prison for mom who glued toddler daughter
  17. TenPenny

    Official advice - Don't stop bullies

    Interesting perspective. When a loved one is being bullied, never do anything seems to be the police message here. Typical double speak - haven't they seen the ads aimed at kids saying if you let a bully act, you're part of the problem? From The Globe and Mail:
  18. TenPenny

    Don't dress like a *****...oops

    Says the girl who plays lingerie football. Does that mean she wants to be raped on a football field? Toronto mayor's niece advises women 'don't dress like a *****' - Toronto - CBC News
  19. TenPenny

    Extra Long Weekend!!!

    Yes, that's right. It's an EXTRA long weekend. We get an extra second added to the clock at midnight June 30. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. TenPenny

    Pipeline Spill, No 2,299,487,540

    Interesting spill in Northern Alberta. Now, this isn't an 'oil' pipeline, it's an emulsion of oil and water used for injection. But the interesting part to me is this bit from the Globe and Mail: So, despite what some claim, many companies don't have any way to monitor their own pipelines...