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    Salman Rushdie stabbed in New York

    British novelist Salman Rushdie is in hospital after being stabbed in New York State...
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    England win Women's Euro 2022

    Women's Euro 2022 Final England 2-1 Germany (aet) Toone 62......... Magull 79 Kelly 110 England's women's team have won their first major tournament after beating eight-time winners Germany 2-1 after extra time to win Euro 2022. It is the first football tournament won by a senior England...
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    Even autocrats and terrorists now sound like whiney SJWs

    Woke: the language of tyrants Even autocrats and terrorists now sound like whiney SJWs. JULIE BURCHILL COLUMNIST 28th July 2022 Spiked It’s annoying when one’s words are parroted by people clearly inferior to oneself. With my talent for turning a phrase, this has happened to me a few times...
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    'Secundinus, the s*itter': 1,700-year-old graffiti is found on Hadrian's Wall

    'Secundinus, the s***ter': 1,700-year-old graffiti is found on Hadrian's Wall featuring a large phallus and an insult aimed at another Roman soldier The graffiti was found at Vindolanda, a Roman fort in Northumberland The stone features a carving of a phallus measuring 15.7 x 6 inches Also...
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    Newly discovered Roman road in south west Wales may have been used to trade Irish gold

    Pembrokeshire: Was unearthed Roman road used to trade Irish gold? By James McCarthy & Tomos Morgan BBC News 7th June 2022 Dr Mark Merrony found the route after following up the work of Edward Lhwyd An ancient Roman route found in Pembrokeshire could be the real "golden road" of the Preseli...
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    Town's 800-year-old fair and "fighting" returns

    Rothwell Rowell Fair starts with Proclamation Monday BBC News 13th June 2022 Playful scuffles broke out, a man addressed a town on horseback and the pubs opened at 06:00 BST to celebrate a traditional fair that is thought to have been taking place since 1204. The Rowell Fair is back in...
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    Mass ancient frog burial baffles experts

    Frog bones found in Cambridgeshire Iron Age ditch baffle experts BBC News 13th June 2022 The bones of about 350 frogs and toads were found in a ditch Experts are baffled after finding about 8,000 ancient frog and toad bones while excavating the route of a new road. The bones, found in a...
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    Saxon pendant with Roman jewel found in Kingsey, Buckinghamshire

    Saxon pendant with Roman jewel found in Kingsey field BBC Beds, Herts & Bucks 19th June 2022 The engraved semi-precious gem is known as an intaglio and shows a figure with a raised whip on a small chariot with four horses A Roman jewel engraved with a chariot and four running horses was found...
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    Replica 17th Century turf house built in Glen Coe

    Replica 17th Century turf house built in Glen Coe BBC Highlands & Islands 1st July 2022 The construction of a replica 17th Century turf and creel house has been completed in Glen Coe. National Trust for Scotland (NTS) said the turf, wattle and thatch structure was erected using traditional...
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    'Exceptional' Roman gold coin hoard found near Norwich

    'Exceptional' Roman gold coin hoard found near Norwich By Katy Prickett BBC News, East 1st July 2022 Eleven coins have been found so far and this is one of the latest finds A hoard of Roman gold coins hidden in the decades before the Roman invasion of Britain has been discovered. Eleven...
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    Ireland: "It's Britain's fault Ireland is full"

    Insignificant EU state and poodle Republic of Ireland blames sovereign nation state the United Kingdom's Rwanda policy for Republic of Ireland being too full of immigrants...
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    American meltdown

    On 4th July, maybe the British are glad to get rid of them.
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    England win Under-19s Euro 2022

    Under-19s Euro 2022 Final Israel 1-3 England (aet) Gloch 40... Doyle 52 ................... Chukwumeka 108 ...................... Ramsey 116 England fought back from going behind to defeat Israel after extra time and win the European Under-19 Championship. Oscar Gloch's clever turn and...
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    Wales defeat Ukraine to end 64 year World Cup wait

    Wales 1-0 Ukraine Yarmolenko (og) 34 Wales will play England, USA and Iran in only their second World Cup Wales overcame another monumental effort from Ukraine to qualify for their first World Cup since 1958 on a night of high emotion and drama in Cardiff. Having beaten Scotland in an...
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    Depeche Mode's Andy Fletcher dies

    Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher dies By Doug Faulkner BBC News 26 May 2022 Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher has died, the band has announced. The band said they were "shocked and filled with overwhelming sadness with the untimely passing of our dear friend, family member, and...
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    2022 Champions League final

    This year's Champions League final - sort of like "soccer's" equivalent of the Super Bowl - is between Liverpool and Real Madrid. The game should have kicked off a few minutes ago in Paris but has been delayed by 15 minutes due to thousands of fans still trying to get into the Stade de France to...
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    Platinum Jubilee: Falklands capital Stanley to be made a city

    Platinum Jubilee: Eight towns to be made cities for Platinum Jubilee By Mary O'Connor BBC News 20th May 2022 The Queen visited the Coast Guard station headquarters in Bangor, Northern Ireland, back in May 2009 Eight new cities have been named for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, with at least...
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    Ukraine pip UK to Eurovision victory

    Ukraine have won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time tonight in Turin. The country, currently at war with Russia, triumphed in the European music tournament final with the song "Stefania" by Kalush Orchestra. The United Kingdom, one of the most successful Eurovision nations with...
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    The Queen prepares to mark record-breaking Platinum Jubilee year

    On Sunday 6th February, the Queen is expected to privately mark Accession Day - the day that her father King George VI died in 1952, and she became Queen. Her Majesty viewed jubilee memorabilia and cards from well-wishers ahead of a weekend that will mark the start of her record-breaking...
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    Anne Frank betrayal suspect identified after 77 years

    A suspect who may have betrayed Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis has been identified in a new investigation. The Dutch Jewish diarist died in a Nazi concentration camp in 1945, aged 15, after two years in hiding.