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  1. LisaDe

    What are you listening to right now?

    What is it? :/
  2. LisaDe

    $34 tarantula taco gets Mexican restaurant in hot water
  3. LisaDe

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm scared to copy/paste that. What is it?
  4. LisaDe

    How law enforcement uses social media

    Hey All, This is literally my third attempt at this post. Not sure why it doesn't work - perhaps because I put links in the post? Hopefully it works this time! ...The momo challenges got me thinking about this and I started exploring the topic to get some information. I hope you'll share your...
  5. LisaDe

    When is Game of Thrones coming back on?

    I can't find the exact date. Is it April, like the previous years?
  6. LisaDe

    Law Enforcement Uses Social Media to Fight Crime

    Hello everyone! This is my second attempt at my first post. :D I wanted to write about something I'm interested in and I hope you guys will have some opinion on this. I don't know if anyone heard about the Momo challenge? I'll attach a link below. Well it made me think about how social media...
  7. LisaDe

    5 Ways that Social Media helps Law Enforcement to Solve Crimes

    The same social media platforms we use to communicate with family and friends, are the same platforms that law enforcement uses to catch criminals, locate missing persons, and even thwart terrorist attacks. Recently reading about the 'Momo challenge' in the news (I attached an article by CTV...