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    Our weather, The Day After Tomorrow?

    Still active! You've done well! Keep up the good work here, board members!
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    Let them have their damn donuts! We're all used to the increasingly restrictive nature of modern life. Thought police are everywhere and there's not a day goes by some new crew of dogooders doesn't launch another campaign. What the hell is it with some people? Give...
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    Are we there now? Shaky markets mean? So are we there now? On the precipice? On the way to new and dangerous times? Markets have been monkey crazy this year and impressive gains have been made. Despite ongoing worries about the US housing...
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    Time to ditch Stats Canada Interesting stuff! Then CTV has on an explosive report last night. Stats Canada refuses to include drug offences and drug crime in its compilation for these critical numbers. You'd have to live in a chipmunk hole not to know the way...
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    How the GW myth is perpetuated

    "Don't forget global warming is only ONE problem we have currently. Assuming we will survive the pandemics and epidemics coming our way and avoid any nuclear altercation global warming is sure to undo us..." That's what's needed to finally turn heads on GW. A pandemic would do it. The weather's...
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    Vitamin D Bombshell

    Get a copy of today's Globe. I can't link it. The scientific community has been asleep at the switch for years. A groundbreaking study from south of the border is to be released in June that states without reservation the chief cause of cancer in northern climes is lack of Vitamin D. Warned...
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    What's the white rap connection? Now that Imus is gone, the next round has started. Many news shows and journals the last few days have started the war on rap. But the problem with rap certainly isn't one limited to the black community. White kids have...
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    China - is flu to become a weapon? Makes you wonder. Why would the Chinese be reluctant to share such important data? Is there anything sinister here or is that merely the conspiracist bug whispering in my ear?
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    Hijab Day...good idea or bad? One has to wonder if professors initiating such activity are opening a can of worms or simply doing their job. But, similarly, I also wonder what would be the effect on the Jewish community if she suggested Skull Cap Day. Would said community embrace it or...
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    Ottawa, the nation's crack capital? Is Ottawa fast becoming the nation's crack capital as well? The Globe (which I have trouble linking) had a two page article on the city's crack problem yesterday. News to me. According to the Globe...
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    Blair blames he right? This could have come from Toronto. Fighting off the PC has become a major battle for the city's police and politicians as they deal with the issue of black crime in the city. Looks like blacks world-wide are not seen as partners in the development of...
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    Are Africans incapable of running a country? The above article is merely one of thousands that have apppeared over the last ten years involving political instability in African countries. Are Africans incapable of running a country and offering their people peace and prosperity?
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    Should they fry him or hug him? Personally, I think he should be used for organ transplants but I'm a little more of a prick than most.
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    Dad lands in jail over Girl Scout cookies

    Yes, he's a mooch, liar and a moron. Unfit to be a father or a member of any community. He's made of the wrong dough and he doesn't seem to have any.
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    The China Question Although continuing problems in the Mid-East dominate network and newspaper coverage I can't help but think the real story is China. Big, brawny and increasingly bold. This article highlights once more the type of adversary the West and Canada are dealing...
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    Another oil crisis on the horizon? Great article by the Star's David Olive! It does make sense given the reference to Iran made by Bush this week in his speech bumping US troop levels in Iraq. And a carrier has to have a mission; this could be it.
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    Fair Play Movement and the Regulation Juggernaut

    I can't seem to link the local paper here in the Kawarthas but let this suffice: teapots are trembling about Peterborough, Ontario. Members of a national movement called the Fair Play Movement are letting it be known they want all kids in organized sport to be given a bigger piece of the pie- or...
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    Hottest Mom In America-New York Audition-Saturday-October 14th

    Sounds like another Sicko offering by Monster Media America. What's next? Don't tell me.
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    The Age of Crazy Weather

    Three major power outages in little more than three weeks in Ontario's Kawarthas. It's getting a little unnerving. Generator sales are brisk. Last night a 'gust line' ripped through the area and in some of the fiercest winds I've ever experienced millions in damage were exacted in less than half...
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    Are these the early days of WWIII?

    Watching coverage today of the renewed crisis in the Mid-East I can only think as many have said: we're possibly looking at the beginning of the big one. WWWIII. Where will all this be in September?