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    Where is the world going?

    I'm the kind of person that likes to sit back, observe, and contemplate scenarios from my observations. I look around lately, and I find our current earthly predicament and see no real solution to the problems we'll face in the century. The planet seems to have to big and still expanding...
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    The Crystal Meth problem.

    In the news it seems like Crystal Meth busts and abuse are mentioned quite often. The drug is really bad for you and destroys your life. All I hear however is how some group is on a campaign to educate the youth on the dangers of the drug. However, despite these efforts, the use of this drug...
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    Home rental law question

    If you start up a property managment company and buy a house, is it legal to rent that house to yourself as your primary home?
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    The end of our way of life.

    I decided to make this thread to address and make others aware of our imminent end of our way of life. Many here wish to mock my personal research and predictions for global catastrophe, although I assure you I'm right. I spent 7 years piecing the information together that allowed me to make a...
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    What does Canada want?

    I've been following along the elections since they began, and politicians keep talking about there vision of Canada, but paint a vague picture for us. So I thought I'd ask my fellow Canadians what they see as Canada's path, and future? I see Canada as the enigma of the world. The place where...
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    Privacy died with a wimper.

    I'm not sure if everyone is aware of this, but legistlation was put through a short while ago that made it legal for the police to tap your phone and read your e-mails without a warrant. Nobody seemed to care or even get mad about it. I don't know about you guys, but I get confidential things...
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    Marijuana legalization.

    I'm going to attempt to dispell the myths sorrounding the legalization of marijuana. Please keep an open mind. The legalization of marijuana is not only a good idea, but the best solution, whether you see it as a harmless passtime, or a dangerous drug. The biggest arguement for legalization, is...
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    Peak oil. This is a major concern in my life over the last couple years and i'm already preparing, and I can offer a lot of help to those who want it. Please read the basic article on this page if you aren't familiar with what peak-oil is.
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    Start a new party?

    First, I'd just like to say hi to everyone here as it's my first post. Recently I've been becoming more and more annoyed with my choices of representation, and I've come to the conclusion that a new political party needs to be formed. I find that my ideas are very common to many people, but...