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    Why oh Why Isn't this Working?

    For a week now I have been trying to hang lights in the windows at home. First I checked that all the strings worked and then hung them up with care with these stickey hangey up things. Well about an hour later a stickey hangey up thing pops off. I reapply it, and give all the others a little...
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    No Matter How Hard I Try

    there are somethings that just aren't meant to be. Like for instance the Christmas window lights. I plugged in all the strings and verified that they all worked. Then I bought those sticky hangey up things to hang up all the lights. They looked beautiful, I was pleased with the job that I...
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    So..How's the Weather Where You Are?

    Just thought I would start a thread where people can stop by and gripe or brag about the weather where they are or where they are going. So...How's the Weather where you are?
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    Remembrance Day Poppies

    There has been a lot of hoopla in the news lately about the best way to pin your poppy so it doesn't fall off. How do you pin your poppy? And do you think a better designed poppy should be created?
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    He let the kid die for free rent

    How low can a person get? He should be charged too IMO. :evil:
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    BC Teachers

    Well here we go again only this time it looks like they are sticking their heels in. As someone who has spent alot of time volunteering in the schools I support the teachers. I've held birthday parties with 8 kids and...
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    Federal Heating Rebate

    Here's the link: Well once again the feds are selective in who gets what. I mean this is an issue that affects every homeowner/renter/leasee/whohaveyou regardless of income level, and if you are going...
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    What are you doing to save $$ on gas?

    Just curious what you are doing to save money on gas. Are you buying a new vehicle which gets better mileage? are you considering converting a diesel into a veggy oil vehicle? are you making only 1 trip per day vs 2 into town or to the wherever? have you pulled out the bike? or don't care...
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    I haven't forgetten you

    Today is my best friends' birthday and I wanted to wish her a happy birthday. Ever since we were teenagers we always spent our birthdays together. With mine being the 19th of September and hers being the 21st let me tell ya we had some great birthday bashes. She was killed in a car accident 4...
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    The Minutemen - at a border near you

    Private army ready to patrol U.S. border Tricia Leslie - Staff reporter A group of American residents - some who will be packing weapons - will start patrolling the 32-kilometre area from Blaine to Sumas in Washington along the U.S. border starting Oct. 1. That's when the Washington...
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    Describe your personal cyberspace

    I started this thread over a year ago and thought I'd bring it back up again as we have many new members and lots of us have moved. So let's hear all about your personal cyberspace. Is your desk a mess? Is it littered with paper, coffee cups, post its, CD's all over the place. Come on...
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    Burns Bog

    Burns Bog is on and under fire, literally. It is a peat bog and the fire is expected to burn for weeks if not months. Here's a link to the Burns Bog Society and another to some wonderful pictures of the place. And the news...
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    Habitat for Humanity

    Just thought I would pass this along to anyone needing or wanting to save some money on their next home repair/improvement project. Seems big box stores and lots of other people donate stuff to Habitat for Humanity and they in turn sell it at their ReStores. Now I would have thought they used...
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    Y & R

    OK this is really lame but I have a question about one of the settings on this soap. It's the Health Club pool setting. Do people somewhere really sit around in hot tubs, which I assume are not heated, on hot summer days? I don't believe I've ever heard of anything like this. Or is this some...
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    So it's Saturday Night

    Whatchall doin?
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    Spelling it out for parents of internet chatting children

    I was at lunch the other day and some of us got to talking about kids chatting on the internet and this seemingly foreign language that they talk in. So I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread which just spells it all out for us parents to read and understand. I'll start: POS -...
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    Best Excuses to get out of work

    Come on we've all done it once or twice, or maybe more. What was the best excuse you gave for not going into work?
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    Neighbours from Hell

    This topic came up in another thread and I know I'm not alone in this. Have you ever lived beside the neighbours from hell?
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    Describe your personal cyberspace

    What is the view from your computer room or office or where ever you post from?
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    Brothers and Sisters

    What is the worst or grossest thing your brother or sister has ever done to you, or what you did to them?