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  1. JLM

    This may shed some light on current U.S. politics!

    This may shed some light on current U.S. politics! :)
  2. JLM

    Vancouver Canucks

    Canucks open 2021 season on positive note, with 5/3 win over the Oilers on the opening game! Go Canucks, go!
  3. JLM

    Did Bill Morneau get tired of the bull shit?

    Well, that's the third (important) minister to go! Does Justin understand what three strikes (never mind a multitude of errors) generally means?
  4. JLM

    Interesting U.S Covid 19 statistics And their Idiot in Chief plans on pretty much fully opening the country for industry! F**king Sad!
  5. JLM

    Justin side lining money for Veterans

    Just heard on the news last night, that Federal money earmarked for Veterans has been returned to General Revenue. Pretty shoddy treatment of our Veterans, I would say. Anyway it's now been further confirmed we're dealing with here. Actually I had a good idea close to five years ago.
  6. JLM

    Don Cherry is slightly full of sh*t!

    The use of words to the effect of "you people come here and benefit from the 'milk and honey'", is NOT phaseology one would use, to refer to the permanent residents of the country.
  7. JLM

    The "Quote Function"

    Perhaps someone who is AN EXPERT on the "quote function" please enlighten me and others who are accused of screwing it up!
  8. JLM

    Kitchen range oven

    Both oven elements are only putting out about 50% about 320F max. Fuses look OK. I've kind of eliminated problems with the elements themselves as I can't see them both partially failing at the same time. I'm wondering if the problem is with the switch or the thermostat. If anyone reading...
  9. JLM

    Does anybody know?

    If once you've lost muscle mass due to old age if you can stop or better still reverse the process and if so how? I try to keep moving but not sure how much good it actually does. I can still walk quite a few miles a day at a reasonable pace. A lot of it up hills!
  10. JLM

    Which Way is it?

    Last night it was reported on the news that Chinook salmon were arriving in the Fraser in unprecedented numbers. This morning on C.B.C. news it's reported that all varieties of salmon in all areas on the B.C. coast is in dire straits never seen before. Who is lying?
  11. JLM

    Two Edmonton bitches guilty of severe child abuse!
  12. JLM

    Forget the Sh*t about cutting meat and eggs!

    Giving Up Meat Can Trigger Dementia For decades, mainstream doctors told us that we should eat less meat and eggs. They warned that animal foods were full of saturated fat and cholesterol that would make us put on weight and lead to heart disease. This “common wisdom” has been widely debunked...
  13. JLM

    Long live alex trebek A lot of class, that boy!
  14. JLM

    Warmer in Alert NU.

    It was warmer in Alert 82"30' N. earlier this morning than in the Okanagan. (Real estate will be booming there) :)
  15. JLM

    Trump popularity soaring.

    Today it reached 44% the highest since his inauguration! (He might not be nice, but he knows how to get the job done)
  16. JLM

    The Saddest news!

    Another "layer" has just been added to the saddest news. Just seems there is no limit to the depth of grief one man can perpetrate.
  17. JLM

    How reliable is BMI ratio?

    I often see the figure 30 as the threshold of obesity. Doesn't it vary with different body structures? Would people with heavy bone and muscle structure score higher without necessarily being obese?
  18. JLM

    Trump apparently back in Lizzie's good books!

    He just got an invitation to Buckingham Palace for two days in June! 75th Anniversary of D-Day? Will you be going along Walter?
  19. JLM

    What kind of Bull shit is this?
  20. JLM

    The latest threads feature is currently broken due to some upgrades. We're working on

    When is this likely to happen? It's been a year or more already! Just wonderin'