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  1. Dixie Cup

    Federal board investigating Alexander Graham Bell's 'controversial beliefs'

    If there are any statues of Tommy Douglas, they should be torn down as well. A person in my immediate family was forcefully sterilized without family consultation because she was developmentally delayed & living in a institution. So if there are those who want to destroy humanity (aka...
  2. Dixie Cup

    B.C. First Nation signs multimillion-dollar deal with gas pipeline company

    I'm wondering if TMX will ever be completed. Somehow I think it won't be it goes against what Trudeau & his WEF friends clearly want which is to make us all poorer & themselves richer.
  3. Dixie Cup

    Omnibus: Conservative Leadership Race

    Altho' I would venture that not all "older" people would support JC simply because of his past.
  4. Dixie Cup

    80,000 Stranded on Vacation: China’s Top Tourist Destination on Lockdown; Gordon Chang on Taiwan

    OMG - Trudeau now has a precedent to enforce lockdowns again. Great! Just what we need.
  5. Dixie Cup

    FBI Raids Former President Donald Trump’s Home

    Do you?
  6. Dixie Cup

    FBI Raids Former President Donald Trump’s Home

    Hell, Trudeau is working on it - wait for it!!!
  7. Dixie Cup

    FBI Raids Former President Donald Trump’s Home

    Not likely - they'll get a pass!!
  8. Dixie Cup

    The US doesn't take us seriously because we don't take ourselves seriously

    I still doubt it would happen.
  9. Dixie Cup

    Omnibus: Conservative Leadership Race

    Ya, I do not hold a Conservative membership but I would hold my vote until the last minute I think before deciding. Pierre says the right things but I am so skeptical of politicians right now that I'm not convinced he'll follow through. Likewise with Lewis - I like her as well but again, would...
  10. Dixie Cup

    Polio in New York

    I was referring to current and possible future vax's. The polio vaccine has proven effective.
  11. Dixie Cup

    COVID-19 'Pandemic'

    It seems that you didn't pay attention then. When Trump did the therapeutics and they worked, it was then that they were banned - because he actually had taken them & exposed them so that people could access them because when first diagnosed, these therapeutics actually worked. Well, Biden...
  12. Dixie Cup

    Polio in New York

    I suspect that, if a vax is provided for the monkeypox within an extremely short period of time, you're correct - the "usual suspects (sic) will deny the vaccine". However, most vaccines that were implemented historically took YEARS to get to consumers simply due to the trials that had to be...
  13. Dixie Cup

    Polio in New York

    And Tech, if Biden actually would do the 'right" thing, he WOULD get approval from the opposition. It's the fact that he doesn't do what is right which is the issue.
  14. Dixie Cup

    WE really need to get rid of this guy

    Oh, so true! sigh.....actually should be "narcissistic yellow bellied c*cksucker!! which is much more accurate!
  15. Dixie Cup

    Nancy Goes to Taiwan

    I recently heard about a battery that was basically "invented" by a U.S. firm that sold it's license to China who now has the technology. Apparently, this battery lasts a long time - far longer than anything we have currently. Why would anyone sell technology to China? They already steal most...
  16. Dixie Cup

    Democrat run cities

    This video is extremely disturbing but what he says is what is actually happening.
  17. Dixie Cup

    Omnibus Russia Ukraine crisis

    It's a new definition don't 'cha know?