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  1. karrie

    Behind the Scenes at Sochi

    The Tweets have started rolling in, and the world is watching with anticipation, to see just how badly the Sochi Olympics run. No, this thread is not for competition results, this is for the behind the scenes issues.
  2. karrie

    Butter is back

    I wouldn't call it a small bit. lol. Fresh herbs, balsamic, and olive oil... mmmmm.
  3. karrie

    Butter is back

    It scorches really easily from what I've read, but I LOVE to cook my popcorn in it. We have a friend who works in Albania, who gave us a bottle of olive oil that a friend had picked and pressed at a boutique type place. We don't cook with it, it's too good, we use it in dressings and bread...
  4. karrie

    Sales of jellied eels booming in Britain outside London

    Hells no! Do NOT waste eel as bait, you BBQ that up and make a good unagi roll.
  5. karrie

    Letterkenny Problems: Language Warning

    Letterkenny Problems Ep. 1 - YouTube
  6. karrie

    Coca-Cola Infuriates the Right

    Coca Cola Super Bowl 2014 Commercial "America The Beautiful" [HD] - YouTube Why Coca Cola's Multicultural 'America the Beautiful' Ad Was Offensive "As far as the executives at Coca Cola are concerned, however, the United States of America is no longer a nation ruled by the Constitution and...
  7. karrie

    Does Society Have a Responsibility to Educate Children on Guns?

    In this video, an NRA News spokesperson makes the argument that, in much the way that we train children to swim to mitigate their risk of drowning, we also have a responsibility to, as communities, push for gun education for children to prevent accidental gun deaths. Billy Johnson for NRA...
  8. karrie

    Butter is back

    light margarine is 'light' usually because it has water whipped into it, so if you're cooking with them, a lot of it evaporates, which means you're paying twice as much to cook with it.
  9. karrie

    Butter is back

    lol, I have two separate standards for stuff like that, and it would probably make any food safety specialists cringe. If I notice something is 'past date' but still smells good, I just don't serve it uncooked (ie, I wouldn't use it on toast), I only use it where I can cook it to be on the...
  10. karrie

    Butter is back

    Hmmm, will it sound weird if I tell you I've never had butter go bad, so I have never paid attention to 'best before' dates?
  11. karrie

    Butter is back

    I buy both for that exact reason.
  12. karrie

    Calgary Humane Society Investigating Two Deaths

    Calgary Humane Society investigating two cases of animal abuse | CTV Calgary News In a gruesome display of animal cruelty, Calgary SPCA has discovered the remains of both a cat, and a husky, with their mouths taped shut and their paws bound. Both animals were clearly left like this until they...
  13. karrie

    Florida restaurant serves up python pizza

    Snake is supposed to be good meat, and for a state that considers pythons to be essentially 'kill on sight', I think it's a good policy to find a market for the meat. You know, environmentalism and all that.
  14. karrie

    EPA proposes restrictions for new wood stoves

    It's only free if you're one of the lucky few who owns enough land to have trees. And even then, most people I know are worth more per hour, than they save by chopping wood.
  15. karrie

    EPA proposes restrictions for new wood stoves

    Well it's no wonder. With so many people heating with wood these days. lol.
  16. karrie

    Prisoner Escapes: Turns Himself in to Escape Cold

    Inmate escapes prison, turns himself in after going outside - National | Apparently one ought to check the weather network before planning a prison break. A Kentucky prisoner was forced to turn himself back in after making his escape, only to find himself trapped outside in...
  17. karrie

    Zimmerman set to sell original artwork on eBay

    Now, I don't care for Zimmerman, and I think the fact this made the media is deplorable, but.... I also don't think he's broken any law or even done anything wrong, in using a stock photo as a subject for a painting.
  18. karrie

    Zimmerman set to sell original artwork on eBay

    Titled simply 'mockery'.
  19. karrie

    How to make healthy hamburgers

    It was probably horse.
  20. karrie

    What are you eating right now?

    Tonight I baked chicken breast, and hasselback potatoes*. Super delish, I baked them about halfway, until the potatoes fanned out, and then topped both chicken and potatoes with Caesar salad dressing, and finished baking. Served with romaine salad. yum yum. *hasselback potatoes are...