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  1. jimmoyer

    Debit Cards and Overdraft fees

    Hey Darkbeaver, I recalled all your screeds against the bankers of the world. You might like this proposal for the world of banking all over the globe. Do not read any further if you use only cash or you always have enough cushion in your checking account to never worry about overdraft...
  2. jimmoyer

    A million dollars for everyone

    So if the point of the stimulus plan is to kickstart consumer demand, i.e. spending, then why not give every registered voter or taxpayer 30k dollars?
  3. jimmoyer

    The best speech yesterday

    Amid the outpouring of inaugural joy over the racial progress represented by President Barack Obama, there was a single, humorous mention of work still to be done. After the first black president had been sworn in, the Rev. Joseph Lowery ended his benediction with a rhyme familiar to black...
  4. jimmoyer

    Rudyard Kipling for 2009 at least

    [IF] If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you But make allowance for their doubting too, If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated, don't give...
  5. jimmoyer

    Santa's report

    I have it on good word, that Santa has been pleased overall with Canada and to let everyone know to continue to try to reprogram their minds to be more positive as a habit. :)
  6. jimmoyer

    Voting is least important

    It's time again to visit an old myth about democratic republics. Voting. The least important ingredient of a democratic republic is VOTING. If you don't have laws safeguarding us from the tyranny of the majority, then voting promises great harm. If you don't have safeguards against the...
  7. jimmoyer

    "tracking" the truth ?

    My wife's 83 year old Dad was in the Washington Post and Winchester Star Tues Oct 28 for an incident occurring last Friday Oct 24 2008. Por que? Raising Caine! His metal cane. He used it on a 22 year old political agitator who was doing a technique called "tracking," a tactic...
  8. jimmoyer

    Another Cup of JOE for you all The system is the problem, it's rigged Joe, Reading the letter "What will America look like in two years" evoked a memory of what America looked like to me two years ago. At the checkout of grocery store in the US, I came across a...
  9. jimmoyer

    Tax Plans Of Obama And Mccain

    THE BOTTOM 50 PERCENT OF ALL TAXPAYER EARN SO LITTLE THAT THEIR contribution is under 3 percent of all income tax collected !! Obama is going to give the little guy 300 to over a 1000 back in less taxes. McCain is going to give everyone a 1000 dollar tax credit. It's difficult who is going to...
  10. jimmoyer

    Moorefield Volunteer Fire Department

    50,000 dollars. That's the last drawing at 7pm. Every 5 minutes they will draw a ticket, maybe your ticket. Each drawing results in a prize no less than 1000 dollars every 5 minutes from noon to 7pm. Oh and three 4x4 trucks or 25k in cash, your pick, will be raffled 3 times that day...
  11. jimmoyer

    Friday Night

    Friday night we couldn't get enough dancing to this song: (Let's Drop!) (Yeah) (Come On) I'll take you home if you don't leave me at the front door (leave me at the front door) Your body's cold, but girl we're getting so warm And I was thinking of ways that I could get inside (get inside)...
  12. jimmoyer

    An explanation of the Human Condition

    Here's an explanation for human behavior ---- I can ride my bike with no handlebars No handlebars No handlebars I can ride my bike with no handlebars No handlebars No handlebars Look at me, look at me hands in the air like it's good to be ALIVE and I'm a famous rapper even when the...
  13. jimmoyer

    AWOL report

    Did we lose MikeyDB ? Hope not. If Darkbeaver can hold on to a string on a Campbell's Soup Can to a T1 line, then we shouldn't have to lose anyone here.
  14. jimmoyer

    Comic Books And Movies

    Have you noticed the natural affinity of comic books with movies ? Have you noticed that the top 4 involved comic book guys ? When you sell a movie as George Lucas did he had artists paint "story boards" to show various scenes. In fact you need those "story boards" to construct the visuals...
  15. jimmoyer

    Woodrow Wilson and the Middle East

    Ninety years ago, the Arabs gave their opinion – and were ignored James Zogby Last Updated: July 13. 2008 8:43PM UAE / GMTIt was 90 years ago this month that the then US President Woodrow Wilson delivered a speech elaborating his commitment to the principles of self-determination. He was...
  16. jimmoyer

    Non-Bush Voters Stat

    There are more people here against Bush than constitutes the entire population of Canada. There are some 34 million Canadians total NOW, including by obvious inference, non-voters. Here's how many voted against Bush in 2000 - 50,999,897and 2004 : 57,355,978. That's just voters alone ...
  17. jimmoyer

    Inequaltity of wealth in Canada and everywhere

    50% of Canadians make $40,000 or less. Hedy Fry said it in the House of Commons just a couple of weeks ago during the debate over the Speech from the Throne. ----------------JonB2004------------------------------------- From Statistics Canada website...
  18. jimmoyer

    Maples and Oaks

    Maples and Oaks are talking. Big sentries rimming my path. The wind strums their vocal chords providing my walk a cadence, a silent energy. What else is there but this moment ? Oh plenty there is but the maples and oaks are talking now and l like to listen. I'm carrying weights too. I love...
  19. jimmoyer

    A cup of Morning Joe for y'all

    This is from my friend's web site, Joe Bageant who published the book, Deer Hunting with Jesus. I've had the privilege to know this guy in our town here. He eventually wants to be an expat in Belize. His web site attracts a lot of letters from his fans, and this is a letter from one of his...
  20. jimmoyer

    Iran outside and inside

    Holding out for a hero Afshin Molavi Last Updated: June 12. 2008 9:56PM UAE / June 12. 2008 5:56PM GMT Blow-up: American hawks and disgruntled Arabs share an inflated sense of Ahmadinejad’s power. AP “Where are you from, my...